Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Demo Review: HE DIED Demo 2018 (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Demo 2018
Place of origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre: Grindcore, crust punk
Release date: April 4, 2018
Available for streaming on Bandcamp and Youtube
Hailing from L.A, these guys seem to be quite the brutal grindcore attack squad. Featuring five short vicious grinding assaults on your ear drums, this demo is absolutely vile. I mean that in a good way! Although I enjoy all five tracks on this beast, my favorite would be track three. ''Carved Up'' has a slower start than the other tracks, but this adds a build up to a turbulent holocaust of melody. The production quality on this demo is high end... no lo-fi here. The vocals are sporadic, with violent gutturals and blood curdling shrieks from beyond the spectrum of human comprehension! It is as if the vocals are spawned directly from an infernal hell portal. The guitar work is just as low and chugging as it should be, the drums blasting forward with a hate fueled vengeance. Clocking in at under five minutes, I had to listen to this masterpiece of delectable carnage on repeat a few times in a row. This is the only way I could properly revel in its wake of audio madness! I also will add that the band has a talent for placing samples well. While not over laden with samples, there are ''just enough'' to keep things flowing properly. I hope to hear more from this talented band in the future... long live grindcore! Long live the underground! Long live HE DIED! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Jimi: Vocals, drums, samples
Alf: Guitars, bass

Track list:
1. No Second Chances
2. Closed Casket
3. Carved Up
4. Ground To Death
5. Benign Tumor Removal (To Spite Your Face)

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