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Tribute to Drake Brewer (1996-2015) by Rich Orth

Tribute to Drake Brewer (July 26, 1996-August 7, 2015) by Rich Orth

Dearest Drake...I am a poet at a loss for words. We should be celebrating your 22nd BDAY. instead we will be commemorating the 3rd anniversary of your passing. I was so honored that you considered me your favorite poet. When you battled with I teacher to use my work as a Senior High project..I was humbled..that you got an A made me proud as hell! You had so much ambition and talent...I wish I had more of your writing to share.
Requiesce in pace my dear friend....See you on the other side Drake Brewer...Rich

Vicious Cycle!
by Drake Brewer

A silent whisper
Bound by the transverse opinion
Told like a chain letter
It's a vow unplanned to keep
The solitude we all once had is drained
Stolen by the mosquito of endless endeavors
But is there hope?
Will there ever be?
Like children of victimized by a plague
We cant find shelter
For in the back of our minds our fear grips us
Pulling atthe livelihood that once was whole
Beg for a relief
Plead for a better taste
The lust is gone and blood is all thats left
So kiss the assailant
And love the murderer
Then maybe things wont be so brutal
Maybe the end will be peaceful
But only some may know of the tails of the silent whisper
Only some may hold onto the chain letter
Ending the vicious cycle

Don't Have Time!
by Drake Brewer and Rich Orth

My depression runs deep
Feeding on years of hatred
Hating myself, detesting the world
Taking me as a joke tis a fool's choice
Invisible are scars littering my heart
How it still beats one wonders
How I still breathe... why I keep going
There's no justifying my actions
My story as told by me
Would make you falter ...
Your life's views, your perspective of me
would change
Call me an angel...say what you wildl
Angels though here for a reason
And I don't have time for that

Mend My Heart!
by Drake Brewer and Rich Orth

How can i say... that i want you to stay?
How can i implore you to never leave?
You were my best friend, but so much more
now idk as i stand outside your door.
Is this a dream or merely a sick joke?
God damn your reality...
I'm crying for help, pleading my heart be mended
help me fly, put a halo above my head
Just show me a sign,
I realize tomorrows are never promised...
so i live day to day
...once i had you.. now you simply walk and turn away
So give me a sign,
I'll follow this line, in hopes that ill wake from this nightmare

Darkness Brewing!
by Rich Orth
dedicated to Drake Brewer
would have been 22 7/26/2018
gone 3 yrs on 8/7/2018

What lies around the bend
What lies shall we defend
For in truth..
one merely portends...
Tis this Death..Finality?
Is there more..more ..more?
In this silence
where fields of bodies lie
Is horror truth?
What sanctifies??
Tis it visceral ?...
Tis, there sensibility?
As Earthly abomination
swallows personality
Regurgitating stupidity
to the masses
Fool's gold is serendipity
to the classless
What lies around the bend
What lies shall we defend
For in truth...
Many merely pretend
Evoking laughter and lies..
into abysmal nights
into submissive flight

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  1. Thanks to Dave for allowing me to pay tribute to my dear friend Drake! Feel his pain and acknowledge your own..Speak out before it's too late!