Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'Alternate Weaponry' by Alan Lisanti

Alternate Weaponry
by Alan Lisanti

Suppose the eternal flame inside rests squarely in the palm of my own hand
Each drop of wax is a pain held deeply
The carried weight of which transforms me
Stealth damage that becomes an unbearable anchor manifests and stands grimly in the way of my well being
Builds an impenetrable wall around calm and tranquility
When all I need and want is peace and ease
Perspective counteracts the imbalance
My lopsided pendulum of torment
Inherited from amalgamations of experience
Shatter the mirror of illusions so I can stop burning at both ends
In the name of survival
The world and all its enormity is placed back in the palm of my shaking hand
I try to force stillness
I watch my efforts burn the wick
And if I close my hope and hand
All is extinguished
And now I wonder as I
Seek new ways to crack this riddle of
How can I afford to fight if I can't make a fist?

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