Friday, February 22, 2019

Article: 'The Sahjaza Book of Secrets, the perfect companion to the Seeker' by Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza

The Sahjaza Book of Secrets, the perfect companion to the Seeker
Article by High Elder Magnus Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza

Ave and Good evening, I am High Elder Magnus Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza, Sacred Scribe and Custos Libros of Temple House Sahjaza, Keeper of the Blood and Scrolls of our esteemed family. I am here to talk about our new book and endeavor, The Sahjaza Book of Secrets, now available on Amazon. This is a book you’ll want to have in your collection, as it is part of any solid foundation pertaining to our balance of nightside and dayside. A wise sage once said, "A snake with two heads went no direction."
After many years, and collaboration, The Sahjaza Book of Secrets reveals some of our mysteries but not all of them. This book is a sneak peek into our Temple House, letting you into our realm, to discover how you can incorporate these teachings into your own life, if you so choose.
The Sahjaza Book of Secrets helps explain the structure of a house, a temple, community involvement, the concepts of loyalty and respect, of honesty and integrity. We delve into the esoteric life of the Dhampr, and what it means to cycle and channel your energies.
As a High Elder in Sahjaza, and editor of the book, I especially enjoy how our book can be considered a primer or a “101” if you will. In full transparency, this book is from our point of view, and there are many points of view in our community, all of them legitimate. There is no one “true way,” just the way that works best for you. There are basic themes, basic courtesies that are important in the VC, and it isn’t old school to adhere to manners and to lift those around you up versus tearing them down.
We believe that for those who are newly awakened, in limbo, or just simply curious, this book has a little something for everyone who is open to it. You will learn more about our history, the Sahjaza, and what we feel is integral to be a whole and healthy being.
This excerpt from our book helps to paint the picture of what Sahjaza is all about:
“Our main goal is for balance within our dayside and nightside lives to live in perfect balance, as the Sacred Ouroboros. As a whole body and fully functioning unit.
If you were to look at the Vampyric thirst it could be also the thing that is wakened in the artistic soul that drives a being to create or drive to madness, depending on their ability to express the whispering of the dark muse.
We each find our own unique grounding base or pantheon in our own choice of spiritual studies and spiritual calling. While each member may have their own spiritual dogma or not, we do share the common ideal that the God and Goddess, and the Spirit of the Divine exists as well as other Goddesses, Gods, various entities, and the unexplained.
The Spirit of Divine exists within all of us, which leads us to become enlightened beings in touch with our newer, higher selves. Through practice of this common ideal, we experience and prove for ourselves that these philosophies and otherworldly beings exist.”
The Sahjaza Book of Secrets is the perfect companion to the Seeker, those in the community who wish to learn more, refresh their knowledge and have questions answered.

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