Friday, September 24, 2021

Full Length Review: Scars Like These "Piss Poor Attitude" (Circa 68 Records) by Corban Skipwith

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Genre: Punk, rock, metal
Full Length: Piss Poor Attitude
Format: Digital album
Label: Circa 68 Records
Release date: July 4, 2020
Who’s ready for some Punk? I know I am!
-Piss Poor Attitude by Scars Like These
So this is the second album by the Philly band and features a twelve track set list.
Let me start off by saying this, as a major fan of the classic Punk Era this album left me smiling ear to ear because as only one other band I’ve reviewed in the past few months has done this record signified the return of the REAL Punk Era! And I couldn’t be happier!
Amongst the 12 tracks you have some of the most brutal, outrageous and larger than life Aggression ever put on record. You can hear the personality dripping from each line, each hit of the drum, each strum of the guitar they make it clear that they are here to wear their heart and influences on their sleeve and it’s visible from 100 miles away!
The production on this one is so grimy, distorted and ruthless that it reminds of the band ‘Black Flag’ epically their first three records with the feeling of hopelessness, anger and resentment coming in full circle with every track, but the amazing thing about the classic era of Punk is that although the vibe and overall aesthetic of the tracks were this extreme in nature and emotional the tracks themselves were catchy!
(I could be wrong) but to my memory no music had ever been both hyper violent aggressive and catchy at the same time prior to Punk! You caught yourself singing out loud to the most outlandish and insane lyrics because of how memorable the choruses and lines are!
Quick detour here but I had an embarrassing punk moment myself a few years back when I was listening to the latest (at the time) Wednesday 13 album ‘Calling All Corpses’ and I was at the grocery store and I was singing out loud to myself the chorus ‘I wanna be Cremated, I wanna be cremated’ I had the whole aisle looking at me and It didn’t click until I realized I was saying it out loud (smile).
But back to the album, as I said it’s brutal in its sound and delivery but like every great Punk band it remains catchy and memorable!
The vocalist as well was phenomenal! You could hear in voice the rebellious nature, the attitude and the grit it all feels as real as can be and the way he utilized those nasty vocals are insane! He sounded truly demented at times and all the real Punk heads know the more screwed up the singer sounds the better the band is and by that theory they could rival Black Flag no problem!
You looking for an album to punch a wall to? Wrestle a tiger? Challenge Mike Tyson to a boxing fight? You may not succeed in any of these things but this album will give you the energy and conviction to believe that you will! It’s the perfect album to just let yourself go on and if your one for the more ‘heavier’ strains of music then this will be perfect for you! –Corban Skipwith

Tommy Scars: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Psyko Mike: Lead guitar
Vic DeVille: Bass
Dave Debauchery: Drums

Track list:
1. Intro/Cockthroat
2. Step 13 Sobriety
3. Play For Blood
4. Scars Like These
5. PC America
6. Fence Walker
7. Oh Nicole!
8. Born To Lose
9. Self Righteous
10. Sex Drugs and Rock N' Roll
11. Philly Rise
12. Piss Poor Attitude

This review can also be read at Corban Skipwith's Facebook group Relentless Reviews with Corbz. -DW

Poem: "How Will We Grow (Do Bother)" by James Kenneth Blaylock

How Will We Grow (Do Bother)
by James Kenneth Blaylock, 7-10-20

are we really threatened
by any man, color of skin,
language, race or religion,
‘why can’t we be friends’...
as the song clearly states,
because fearfully we hate
not taking the time to know
each other, how will we grow
to love one another, my brother,
sister, father, mother, do bother

Poem: "Echoes in the Mist" by M Teresa Clayton

Echoes in the Mist
by M Teresa Clayton

One can hear, if he listens very well,
The echoes in the mist and stories they tell.
Lie down upon the moss, soft and sweet,
Say nothing, just listen as they begin to speak.
The fog slowly covers the landscape where
The sights and surroundings look eerily bare.
Your mind no longer knows the distance or the way,
You have no other choice, listen to what they say.
“You are not lost, you are simply found,
Look out into the mist that moves o’er the ground -
It knows the way to where it is going
Without ever asking, just with the ’knowing’.
Remember the lady who loves you dear,
She has cleaved you a path, so do not fear.
There are no obstacles to overcome, so receive.
The key is the ‘knowing’ and to simply believe.
Near the hearth, she keeps a fire for you.
She knows you are coming, you are long overdue.”
“Now the fog is lifting, can you see the tall trees?
Can you hear the birds and feel the soft breeze?
Look out at the distance, there is where you belong!
In the arms of her love, so pure, true and strong.
Yes, you have been found worthy of this gift of love,
It surrounds you here, with blessings from above.
We will walk with you until you and she are united,
Then your topsy-turvy world will at once be uprighted.
Oh how we will rejoice when you no longer need to roam -
The celebration awaits you, sir, at the gates of your home.”

Poem: "Monsters" by Elena Karis

by Elena Karis, October 25, 2017

Scratching, laughing, taunting they burst out of the closet
With glowing green eyes and forked tongues
Clinching the blanket, praying for help that never comes
Wanting to scream but you are in the clutch of paralyzing fear.
Crawling and slithering from beneath the bed
Grating nails across the metal frame
So loud that shrieking cannot be heard
Praying for help. That never comes.

Poem: "Behind the Shroud" by Jerry Langdon

Behind the Shroud
by Jerry Langdon

I don't know why
I feel under an endless sky
That feels out of time and space;
Like I'm living out of my place.
As if I am from another era.
How long has my soul visited Terra?
How long have I wandered;
How often has my soul pondered?
Will the light that is in my darkness
Ever know the answers to the endless
Questions that string out equations
That may not even have solutions?
With every passing year
As I feel darkness near
I hope my soul is freed from this prison
But I fear it will be incarcerated again.
If my soul could speak out loud
Would I want to know what's behind the shroud?
If the curtain were to fall
Would I want to look at all?

© Jerry Langdon 2021

Poem: "Muse" by Alan Lisanti

by Alan Lisanti, 2017

Hold me up
Hold me up to the flames
The pain is empty and powerless
And grips the wheel
Rotted wood creeks in her hands
But she's drunk with power like a renegade pirate aboard this aircraft she gave wings
Pilot of the wingless
Both medicine and curator of chaos and of suffering
Sails patched with courage where torn void used to be
Glue for shattered pieces
I have forged creativity
When her signals all had faded
I nearly abandoned my love and lunacy
Give and take of artists
Both magicians and thieves
Paradox of poison and miraculous remedies
Not for her, I'd never know of love
Never know of bleeding everything
And if not for music
I could never be sustained
She always showed up for harsh realities of souls like me who chase their dreams
She put me back together
So there's a purpose for my grief
But sooner much sooner than later
Heroes become the villains
Triumphs devolve into tragedies
And I'm carving motivations from a tree of disbelief
Like a beatnik with my suitcase stuffed with all these could have beens
Busking for the glory of purpose
Like closing credits
Fill the scene
With songs for all the drifters
I purge my agonies
At least I have a reason
Meaning instilled in words I speak
Maiden of my heart
Keeper of the keys
I find myself inspired by the lovely ones that leave
I find my art surviving in the stillness of the breeze
Upon the wings of Phoenix
Ashes and debris
Some call it liberation
When suffocation needs to breathe love
Look what you've done to me
Turning this tail chaser into lively now and free

Poem: Untitled by Hannah Marshall

by Hannah Marshall, 2018

A double edged sword
Of disappointment
And frustration
Free yourself
Expect nothing
Prior or in return
Do not let it smolder
Let go
Watch it all burn

Poem: "Divine Feminine/Masculine Union" by Renascentia Bella Morte

Divine Feminine/Masculine Union
by Renascentia Bella Morte

I can feel your energy
From thy crown, heart,
sacral, and root.
All the way down to my feet.
Filling me with
A warmth,
A tingling vibration,
A luminous light.
That goes beyond soul deep.
When you are not near,
Never do I fear
For it is like
Having you still within arms reach.
So my dear,
I do not dare.
Feel lonely,
nor do I ever weep.
For you have made a mystical mark.
That was felt from the very start.
This will always be cherished
Deep within my soul,
. My mind,
My body, &
Thine heart.

Poem: "This Cemetery Earth!" by Rich Orth

This Cemetery Earth!
by Rich Orth

Wherest decay twas decreed
Mandation to the godawful
Temptation and flee
Exhibit mere fantasy
Illusionation awakens
Expectation in this...
this Nocturnal Rhapsody...

Poem: "This Sacred Place" by Steven Michael Pape

This Sacred Place
by Steven Michael Pape

This sacred place,
That i briefly visit
In certain seasons.
As inner voices, beckon,
And guide me towards.
A place where no one asks,
What i am doing?
Why i am here?
A place where one sits,
On freshly cut grass
Where incense smoke,
Lazily mixes with summer breeze.
My thoughts transgressive,
A sacred place,
Where i touch the stone surface
And trace each letter, inscribed,
With my hand,
Where warm lips kiss cold,
And flowers are arranged,
In impressive formations.
And the ancient angels
With watchful eyes
And weathered bodies,
Observe my exit.