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Full Length Review: Flagras "Lohe" (Sol/Deviant Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Flagras
Location: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Country: Germany
Genre: Black metal
Full Length: Lohe
Format: Digital, digipak CD
Release date: February 22, 2022
This German black metal band released this album to follow their debut EP “Glut” from 2020. With bands like this I’m not surprised to hear the black metal industry in Germany is reaching its peak of activity. “Glut” established the band as having a massive sound full coldness, darkness and decay, something like the direction I would have expected Dark Throne to take after “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” and “Under a Funeral Moon”, or perhaps Satyricon after “Dark Medieval Times”. Still, “Lohe” bespeaks much more to them.
There are many newer black metal bands with different perspectives on how the early 90s sound would have evolved if other directions had been embarked upon. Flagras is one of those bands who keep the raw anti-professional approach to black metal and tweak it so it’s taken seriously, not written off as stagnant. “Lohe” offers experimental perceptions on this sound and how its certain other facets can be magnified to spawn something listeners wouldn’t have thought could be tried.
Flagras’ vitriolic, eroding guitars and unsympathetic vocals are an essentiality to their sound. Even so, such terms as “trve” and “kvlt” and the generic connotations sometimes accompanying them aren’t even taken into consideration here. For example, the atmosphere brought in is nuanced to the extent of being meticulously finespun, giving the surrounding comfortless lack of cheer a sort of conscious awareness, channeling the time tested idea that there are living entities in all that gloom, coming to life the moment things start.
Flagras work overtime to keep their formula simple while becoming something bigger than the sum of its parts. What may have ended up an unembellished recording was constructed into a panorama of textured resonance that’s aesthetically stunning and reaches the kind of ecstasy that’s usually associated with classical or opera, sans the supercilious loftiness that can go hand in hand with reaching this pinnacle. Ranging from seven and a half to ten and a half minutes, the songs provide much room for them to elaborate.
The most major change the band made between their debut EP and their debut full length is widening the production and atmosphere. “Glut” by comparison with “Lohe” had thinner production but the ideas they worked in made up for that. In the two years since the EP came out, Flagras is starting to become noticed for the vibrant melody and dimensional variety brought to their cold dissonance. With healthy doses of synthesizer joining the razor sharp guitars and bottomless bass, the band creates an impenetrable wall of sound that seems alive with the fires of hell, and horrid vocal shrieks like those of the devil himself.
While those synthesizers are low-key and understated they have a way of transforming the atmosphere into a quality as soaring as it is melancholy, as I indicated before metamorphosing absence of light into animated, flourishing quintessence of energy. The contrast between strings and percussion that kick your chest in and ambiance coming in separate vibrations come closer than ever to ecstatic resplendence. In the later songs Flagras even add shades of post black metal, giving them an avant garde distinction. If they were to continue experimenting this way I imagine their sound will continue to become even bigger and more grandiose.
If you’re looking for black metal bands who seek to break the mold of extreme music creating symphonies of desolation give Flagras a chance. “Lohe” is well worth the effort for putting across their collective vision. –Dave Wolff

L.V.: Vocals
Maldoror: Rhythm guitar
HxN: Lead guitar, synthesizer
Beta: Synthesizer
M.: Bass
Mnlths: Drums

Track list:
1. Crupta
2. Kairos
3. Toverie
4. Útiseta
5. Winternacht

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Full Length Review: Amon Amarth "The Great Heathen Army" (Metal Blade) by Dave Wolff

Band: Amon Amarth
Location: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic death metal
Full Length: The Great Heathen Army
Format: CD, digipak CD, digital, vinyl
Label: Metal Blade
Release date: August 5, 2022
If I recall correctly it was 2016 when I wrote about Amon Amarth. I was commenting on the tragic love story in "Jornsviking" which had just been released. Also their video for "Raise Your Horns". Despite not being a conceptual effort, "The Great Heathen Army" has a personal meaning for them because it was written and composed during the pandemic. The new album explores newer ideas about Viking cultural history, likening embodying the Viking warrior code to overcoming modern-day obstacles such as Covid's impact on the music industry.
While "Jornsviking" received mixed reactions from fans, Amon Amarth continued to mix things up on each album. 'The Great Heathen Army' explores uncharted territory for vocalist Johan Hegg. In the course of what seemed like a brief hiatus, a much longer hiatus allowed the band ample time to develop. Hegg's wife suggested researching more obscure aspects of Viking culture, and it turned out to be a balanced album between their usual formula and deeper concepts.
We have come to expect crushing heaviness from "The Great Heathen Army," and it is a little more melodious and polished this time around. The Swedish melodic death metal and Viking metal genres are rigid and well-defined; Hypocrisy, At The Gates and In Flames come to mind when it comes to formula; but a keen ear will detect some differences between this album and their earlier work. As a whole, it strikes me as a band making every effort to make their heavy qualities more accessible to a wider audience.
Andy Sneap who has worked in the studio with notable bands including Judas Priest, Megadeth, Opeth, Fear Factory, Dream Theater and Saxon was approached by Amon Amarth to helm the production. His experience worked at burnishing their sound and creating a consistency from the band’s origins in the Swedish sound to added shades of old school power metal (along the lines of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Metal Church). Conspicuous improvements are in “Heidrun”, “Saxons and Vikings” and “Skagul Rides with Me” with more depth and intricate musicianship accompanying the heaviness.
The changes most personal to Hegg and the band are “Get in the Ring” (not to be confused with Guns N Roses), “The Great Heathen Army” (based on the Great Heathen Army of 865) and “Find a Way or Make One”. In these Hegg employs Viking history and mythology as allegory for modern day topics. Again the Covid pandemic is among the most obvious. Despite how it affected the music industry, particularly the underground, in his words, “you can’t stop fighting just because there is something in your way”. For me, songs like “Dawn of Norsemen” exhibited the most balance between abrasive guitars and Smith-Murray lead harmonies.
Amon Amarth made three promotional videos for the new album; I’ll post them below this review so readers can watch for themselves. These videos are available for viewing at their official Youtube profile and information about each of them can be read there. One vid that stood out was “Find a Way or Make One”. Set in an office and worked on with a full professional crew, it exaggeratedly depicts stressful situations at the workplace and the frustrations they can create. Is music a healthy release for it? After everything is said and done I may well still agree with that point. –Dave Wolff

Johan Hegg: Vocals
Olavi Mikkonen: Guitar
Johan Söderberg: Guitar
Ted Lundström: Bass
Jocke Wallgren: Drums

Track list:
1. Get in the Ring
2. The Great Heathen Army
3. Heidrun
4. Oden Owns You All
5. Find a Way or Make One
6. Dawn of Norsemen
7. Saxons and Vikings
8. Skagul Rides with Me
9. The Serpent's Trail


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Full Length Review: Incantation "Tricennial of Blasphemy" (Relapse Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Incantation
Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Genre: Death metal
Format: Digital, CD, vinyl
Release date: July 28, 2022 (digital), October 7. 2022 (CD, vinyl)
There seems to be an eternity since Incantation was just another New York band playing darker, more extreme metal. Who would have thought that they would remain a major force in the death metal genre for over thirty years and influence generations of bands along the way? With Pyrexia, Mortician, Suffocation and Internal Bleeding they helped shape underground metal for years to come. On the Vile Ascension Summer Tour, Goatwhore, Bewitched, and Caveman Cult are accompanying them, and with their latest release “Tricennial of Blasphemy” we can relive their beginnings and look back on their history.
There are unreleased recordings, rare live tracks, compilation appearances, and songs from various seven-inch releases included on "Tricennial of Blasphemy". The most notable is a cover of "Hell Awaits" from the 2000 compilation "Gateway to Hell 2 - A Tribute to Slayer." In three decades founding member John McEntee’s vision slowly evolved from crude rhythms and sacrilegious occult themes to sophisticated lyrical concepts and innovative music that remained brutal while gaining depth, imagination and substance.
I heard of a growing trend in the recording industry towards mixing and mastering with compression with the expectation of getting a better sound. I may be off here, but “Tricennial of Blasphemy” sounds like Incantation choose instead to polish their material the old-school way. If so, this method has helped them to experiment with darker, more sepulchral ambiances while expanding on their central thrash and death metal influences. It also seems to be helping them maintain their unique essence, as can be heard in each track.
I was there when the first death metal bands appeared, and I’m well acquainted with the benefits of this approach. When everything isn't stretched to the point of breaking, you can appreciate the subtle nuances between instruments and vocals much more. As much as in the studio tracks you can hear it in the live shows from Switzerland, France and Ohio in the US. Some of the best horror movies have always been the indie features made without high tech equipment in the 80s. This principle also applies to the “organic” style of producing death metal as Incantation show on later albums like “Vanquish in Vengeance” and ”Sect of Vile Divinities”.
Incantation will stay fresh by building on what they had to work with at the beginning while we know what to expect from their album after all this time. This ensures consistency, progress, and proficient musicianship from musicians who are well versed in their field. -Dave Wolff

John McEntee: Guitar, vocals
Luke Shively: Guitar
Chuck Sherwood: Bass
Kyle Severn: Drums

Track list:
1. Pest Savagery
2. Ordained by Night's Will
3. Obelisk Reflection
4. Nefarious Warriors
5. Degeneration
6. Absolved in Blood
7. Scapegoat
8. Sacrificial Sanctification
9. Thieves of the Cloth
10. Exiling Righteousness
11. Hell Awaits
12. Horde of Bestial Flames
13. Ethereal Misery
14. Impending Diabolical Conquest
15. Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish
16. Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment
17. Subjugation Divine
18. Emaciated Holy Figure
19. Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies
20. Profanation
21. Intro-Entrantment of Evil
22. Eternal Torture
23. Devoured Death
24. Unholy Massacre
25. Oath of Armageddon (Live)
26. Portal Consecration (Live)
27. Impending Diabolical Conquest (Live)
28. From Hollow Sands (Live)
29. Iconoclasm of Catholicism (Live)
30. Absolved in Blood (Live)
31. Lead to Desolation (Live)

Interview with Erik Leviathan of Misanthropik Torment (second interview) by Dave Wolff

Interview with Erik Leviathan of Misanthropik Torment by Dave Wolff

Please share with the readers of Asphyxium what you've been doing since I interviewed you about a year ago. What is the current status of Misanthropik Torment and what are your other activities?
Since our last discussion I have once again become a solo artist. It seems to be what I am meant to be, all things considered. It is an uphill battle finding dedicated musicians and finding musicians who share my vision. I can't speak for others, however I honestly do not understand the reluctance others have when it comes to speaking the truth about our world. There are a lot of good bands out there and I'm not trying to shit on them, however most of their content is meaningless. Yes they sound good and their lyrics are ok. But as an artist I feel that all of us could use our talents to at least attempt to do something that may benefit the human race. I am by no means a Saint but the vision I have I find to be a worthy cause. Recently I have been hiring musicians from a company called Creative Commons to do all of my instrumental tracks so that I may fulfill my need to create and my desire to open the minds of those who are receptive to what I have to say. I am always met with adversity. I welcome it. It's ok.
The new track “Under Duress” is going to upset a lot of people simply because the cover art is the American flag on fire and displayed upside down. Most may not know this but when the flag is displayed upside down it is a sign of duress. I do not feel the need to explain why I feel our country and our world as a whole is in a state of duress. If one does not know this already then they may never know until it's too late.

When you approached musicians about joining your band, what were usually their reservations about what you wanted to say? In what ways do you believe your lyrics would lead to benefitting humanity?
Normally when I approach musicians about the topics I speak on I am met with things like, you shouldn't put politics in music or that's the wrong message to be sending or that my imagery is too offensive. Musicians I have worked with in the past end up leaving the band because they want to change the sound or they want to change the topics. I'm not really trying to change anything for the sake of fame or fitting in. I have something to say and I've done enough time I feel I have the right to say what I want to say. If what I'm saying is offensive then great it should be. I’ve said this before but no one should like anything about what I have to say. I guess a part of me hopes that I can start a movement of change a rebellion so to speak but I'm not delusional enough to believe that I myself am going to reach that many people with extreme metal. It's hard enough reaching the people that I have thus far. But one can hope for change.
I'm not sure if my lyrics can benefit humanity. I used to think that maybe I would have something to say that others would hear and maybe that would open their eyes and they might be receptive to Enlightenment. A lot of people seem to think I just talk about killing pedophiles that may not be a subject of Enlightenment but I've seen the way our Justice system fails so many survivors of sexual abuse. At the end of the day sex offenders cannot be cured it is a scientific fact that it is something in their brains. So just like a sociopath they will always do what they do. Therefore in my opinion they need to be put down like rabid dogs. However if you dig deeper into my older albums like R.A.T.E-POEWR-B.O.P. I speak on topics that could be beneficial to humanity if one would just digest the lyrics. A song in particular is “The Blueprint Façade” (lyrics below). I'm not saying that I can change the world but it seems that people have stopped caring about changing anything to the point that everyone or most everyone are complacent in being oppressed by every government. The tyrants have taken control and we are led around falling into their division plan. We are constantly at war with each other over anything that makes us different from one another. Our differences should bring us together not separate us. But hey who am I? I don't know anything I'm just an ex con.

With extreme metal becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream thanks to music television channels, do you think that gives you more of a chance to be heard? Or is there too much pressure from outside sources to tone your lyrics down?
I think that is a good thing that extreme metal is becoming more widely accepted, however because of that acceptance it has become more commercialized as well and that takes away from its authenticity. Metal was never supposed to be a multimillion dollar business, however corporate vampires have found a way to capitalize on musicians who just want to be heard. By extreme metal becoming commercialized this gives those who have the power to censor what an extreme metal artist has to say. I've seen it with several bands who would use their platform to speak out against injustice then the big companies come in and make them change their image and what they talk about to a more polished watered down type of metal. So I myself do not think that it being commercialized is a good thing.

Any examples you’ve seen of bands forced to tone down their “image” so they’d be more palatable to the masses?
There are many bands I have seen make subtle changes to their music and image so that they could be more palatable to the masses if you take a look at Marilyn Manson in the early 90s he was the king of controversy, then in 2007 his music became more about relationships. Everybody seems to love a good breakup song. But his music used to be something one could stand for. Especially with the album “Antichrist Superstar”. Another example is Whitechapel. Slayer was forced to put an alternate album cover on the “God Hates Us All” album due to the Catholic Church being so offended by the imagery of a bloody Bible with nails in it. There are many bands throughout the history of metal who have been forced into subtle changes to appease what fits the norm. Those who do not conform stay in the underground and are doomed to forever struggle to pay for their career.

What were the ways in which Whitechapel was pressed by critics and religious groups offended by what they wrote? Years after the 80s’ satanic panic, people might think there would be less intolerance about music. However, is it possible that the groups demonizing bands may have a vested interest?
Whitechapel’s music used to be geared more towards political corruption, and corruption in the music industry. However if you listen to their newer albums, they have completely switched their topics and their sound. I can only assume that they did so due to some backlash from their “Mark of the Blade” album.
In my opinion the only logical way to view the satanic panic of the 80s is a simple fear of losing control over the masses. Most bands who were persecuted for their imagery were not even really talking about Satan nor were they Satanists themselves. For example the band Kiss was widely protested against due to their wardrobe and face paint. The media tried to say that Kiss stood for Knights In Satan’s Service, however all of their songs were about love and rock and roll or sex. None of their songs had anything to do with the devil. Ozzy Osbourne was labeled the Prince Of Darkness and the media and religious fanatics tried to say his music was of the devil, however most of his songs were about rebelling against a tyrannical religious system that was speaking hatred and deceit. In my opinion their reasons for attacking these bands is that most of them are telling the truth that they don't want to be told. It’s a threat to their hold on people. What better way to control everyone than to make them believe in something that they need. If you can make someone believe in something with their whole being you can control them. They don't want anyone who has common sense to rattle that cage so they publicly put them on display as the enemy to detour people from listening to them. So yes I do believe there is a vested interest there.

Are more people seeing through the diversionary tactic religious groups are using to control the masses?
I think more people are starting to wake up, more so nowadays than ever before. The issue is, it's not the people who have the influence or the power to make any real changes.

There have been indications on the net that a second satanic panic is starting, one that seems even more intolerant than the panic of the 80s and 90s. Do you see any of those indications? One of the last prejudices people have that hinder true progress in the world.
I don't think that the satanic panic ever really left. People just got used to it. I do believe that it is becoming stronger and that's why people are starting to notice it again. The church is now starting to write laws for our country so that speaks volumes as to the so called separation of church and state. Next thing you know it's going to be a crime to speak against their fairy tale God.

Metal fests in the US and Europe seem to be a good choice for artists who do not conform to remain above water, thanks to the labels who help organize the events. Would you like Misanthropik Torment to perform at any of these events? Which ones?
I would love to have Misanthropik Torment on a festival, one in mind would be Wacken in Europe or even Metal in the Mountains in West Virginia. Really to me it doesn't matter; if there is a stage and I have a full band I'll perform almost anywhere.

What was the last metal fest you were able to attend? How large was the event and did it make you want to attend another one?
The last festival I attended was Mountains of Metal here in Kentucky. It was a nice event in the mountains of London Kentucky. I'd definitely go back.

Who appeared at Mountains of Metal and how much of a buzz was created for it in the weeks before it was held? How long has this fest been an item?
Mountains of Metal is a small underground festival put on by Mike Brewer. This festival's line up is made up of Kentucky’s local bands. When I went they had Left to the Wolves, Creature of Exile, Nekrowinter, Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat, Granshaw and about five other bands As far as a buzz, everyone local knows about it.

There is no doubt that the US is in bad shape, and has been for some time. There is growing concern not only here, but also in other countries. Are there personal concerns you have about that?
It's not just America that is in ruin. It’s the whole world. America however leads the world into the chaos we all face. My personal concerns are when the shit finally hits the fan what kind of future will our children have. I worry that our children will suffer tyranny like we never have before. I don't have all the answers but common sense dictates if something is wrong change it; do something different. Sure it may be hard at first but as humans we can adapt to the changes that need to be made in order for us to survive and find a sense of tranquility amongst each other.

Do you happen to have any thoughts about Putin and his meetings with Trump, etc?
My thoughts on the whole Putin and Trump meetings would probably get me in serious shit if I were someone with influence. However I am not so I think it's safe for me to say that I think the invasion of the Ukraine was planned as a distraction. I believe that Trump is just a big a tyrant as Putin and they both should be treated as war criminals. In my opinion those in power are allowing the insanity to continue so that they can further manipulate the masses and influence the sheep. The illusion of freedom is slowly being stripped away due to the atrocities that those in power allow to transpire. It's all misdirection to confuse and manipulate the people so that they may continue their strangle hold and keep their positions of power. I suggest everyone read a book titled “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green. This book will teach you the ways of manipulation on a level that one would never even think to notice.

How timely did you find “The 48 Laws of Power” in relation to what’s currently happening in the world?
I read the 48 laws of power when I was in prison. I read the book because I was informed about how it breaks down basic human manipulation. I've always been curious about human behavior so I picked up the book and when I read it, it really opened up my eyes to the world around me. I find the tactics in this book to be on point with how our world leaders keep the masses in their place. I recommend everyone pick up a copy read it and open their eyes to the truth.

Can you tell me how you learned about Creative Commons and what they do? Are the musicians you found through them comfortable working with you?
Creative Commons is a company of instrumental musicians who make royalty free music for people to use for free. All one has to do is credit the artist channel so others know who did the music. The artists whom I have worked with don’t ask me about my lyrics. I think most are indifferent about what the instrumentals are used for.

Who are you working on your new material with? To your knowledge have any of those musicians worked for other bands before contacting you? Do they have any hand in the songwriting or are you teaching them the song arrangements?
Jonathan Nesbitt and I are working on a new album. Jonathan and I were very pleased with the sound of the last Misanthropik Torment album "KillYourLocalPedophile". We feel that the last album really hit what we were going for. We have a sound in mind and honestly Jonathan Nesbitt is the only musician I know who shares and supports my vision. I have a couple more tracks to finish with creative commons before I start tracking for the new album. But we are really stoked to take Misanthropik Torment to a new level. People are either going to love it or hate it there is no in-between when it comes to that.

How long has Jonathan Nesbitt worked in Misanthropik Torment with you, and how have you and he managed to work together and share the same ideas for so long?
Jonathan Nesbitt and I have worked together on and off since early 2019, and we work well together. We both enjoy Classic Death Metal and seem to share the same views. We honestly think that if someone is blind to the truth about our world today they are blind by choice because it's right there in our face every day. I honestly have no idea how anyone with half a brain could not notice it. Jonathan has a very unique style for Misanthropik Torment. His music really represents what Misanthropik Torment is. Which is Raw and Brutal. I've worked with a lot of other musicians and have dabbled with many different styles of Extreme metal though I am proud of every album. I feel that the albums with Jonathan are Misanthropik Torment's best work.

Which albums released by Misanthropik Torment that you and Nesbitt would consider to be the most professional and innovative?
The "Reincarnation" and "KillYourLocalPedophile" albums are some of our best work. I myself feel like the mix on those albums are some of the best mixes I have done. Musically Johnathan Nesbitt really delivers what those albums needed. The upcoming album we are working on is just going to take what we do to another level. I feel we get better every time we record.

In what ways are you and Nesbitt growing as musicians together?
Nesbitt and I bring the best out of each other creatively. It's hard to explain but his music brings out my best vocals and writing.

What inspired you to write “The Blueprint Façade” and what exactly did you intend to put across to people through the lyrics?
The Blueprint Façade written out of my disgust for bigotry, racial division, and the religious strangle hold that plagues humans who feel the need to believe in a God. I am by no means bashing anyone for what they choose to believe in, if that belief makes that person the best person they can be then cool. There is a lyric in the song that says wake up in the morning with your god. My meaning for this is, if everyone just woke up and didn't focus their energy on killing each other or hating or having animosity towards each other for their differences and they just focused in their beliefs and practiced what they preached then the world would endure less bloodshed. I also say in the song that the Government is not God. The reason I touch on this is because since the dawn of time Governments of one kind or another have used religious idealism to keep the masses separated and keep us pitted against each other. If we are all too busy fighting each other we don't have the ability to see who the real enemy is until it's too late. This track has multiple topic in it. I also speak on the racist nazis these people who carry on a meaningless race war spreading mindless hate. Most of them do not even know why they hate. They only hate because someone else told them to. It doesn't make sense to me. I mean life is hard enough, why complicate it with more war and more mindless hate?

How much does media have to do with the division you discuss in “The Blueprint Façade”?
The media has a big part in “The Blueprint Façade”. The media is just as guilty as the person committing the mindless acts that I speak on. Most people believe what the TV tells them and the media is just another tool used to divide humanity and spread disinformation.

During our previous interview, we discussed cancel culture and its potential impact. Since then, have you seen more instances of this?
Cancel culture has killed Marilyn Manson’s career along with Johnny Depp’s. Cancel culture has attacked Joe Rogan simply because they don't like what he has to say. I myself do not like or dislike Joe Rogan. I agree with some of what he has to say. But that's neither here nor there. It doesn't matter if anyone likes what anyone has to say. Everyone has a right to voice what they choose to voice. Just because one doesn't like it does not give anyone else the right to destroy their career. People try to cancel me all the time and I'm not even on a level of influence that what I have to say should matter at all to them the only reason I haven't been canceled I'd because I publish everything myself there are many people who continue to listen and as long as people are listening to the music I will continue making it.

I noticed you recently completed new Misanthropik Torment tracks. What are these songs about and where can interested parties find them? Anything else you’re working on?
There are five new tracks from Misanthropik Torment, well sort of new. “The Rage of Wrath”, “Under Duress”, “Oblivion”, “19 Children Dead (Fuck the Police)”, “Kill the Tyrant (Vladimir Putin)”. All of these tracks will be going on the album Under Duress. Which the cover art is of the American flag upside down and on fire. This is not a desecration of the flag by any means. It is a statement. When the flag is displayed upside down it is a sign of duress. These tracks talk about the state of our world and the state of America. All one needs to do to see what I am trying to convey is take a look around the world then read the lyrics to each track.
After the “Under Duress” album is finished Jonathan Nesbitt and I are working on another old school death metal album. I am also still writing my book “The Evolution of My Psychosis”. Anyone can find out more about Misanthropik Torment on our website.

-Dave Wolff

Music Created By Panos Karayannis
Band: Misanthropik Torment
Lyrics and Vocals Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Artwork Design: Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Computer Graphic Design: Claudiu Ciorbaru

Blindly following the masses will render you to being a mindless drone, leaving you with mindless hate. Mindless hate, breeds meaningless violence. Think for yourself, if you must hate, hate for your reasons, not someone else's.


Blindly you seek and destroy,
your disease is hereditary,
past down generation after generation
you mold, only listening to the words that they stated,
but did you, yourself ever stop to question why
you hated, or did they write that chapter for you too?


Nonsensical judgements
Divisions of importance
waging war built upon qualities
and characteristics


All is lost you pay a terrible cost
All is lost you pay a terrible cost
All is lost you pay a terrible cost

This separation of divinity, is kind of senseless to me
Wake up in the morning with your GOD.
Wake up in the morning with your GOD!

Nonsensical judgements
Divisions of importance
waging war built upon qualities
and characteristics
United we stand, divided they

If you think that I tell lies, I'll tell you once more the TRUTH is there before you, all one must do is OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

For we are all just searching for a sense of tranquility
yet we are walking through Satan's playground
and every path leads us into the unknown.


Face the DEMON
Face the ENEMY inside
you see these words they are not mine
they are of OUR DIVINE!

All is lost they pay a terrible cost
All is lost they pay a terrible cost
All is lost they pay a terrible cost

Face YOUR ENEMY inside
you see these words they are not mine
they are of the divine.

Wake up in the morning with your GOD
this separation of divinity
is kind of senseless to me
Wake up in the morning with your GOD.

Nonsensical judgements
Divisions of importance
waging war built upon qualities
and characteristics
United we stand, divided they

If you think that I tell lies, I'll tell you once more
Just open YOUR eyes

Blindly you seek and destroy,
your disease is hereditary,
past down generation after generation
you mold, only listening to the words that they stated,
but did you, yourself ever stop to question why
you hated, or did they write that chapter for you too?

From “Rebell Against The Establishment Power Belongs To The People, released December 12, 2018. All rights reserved.

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"The Consequences Permeate" by James Kenneth Blaylock

The Consequences Permeate
James Kenneth Blaylock

honestly, it’s so hard to imagine
life on much simpler terms…

namely, because, many of us
have had to fight through it all

calling ourselves conquerors
while battling to stay afloat

our hearts go drifting on as
the consequences permeate

yet, even if our crest have fallen,
we should get up wildly storming,

james kenneth blaylock

"My Kevorkian Alter Ego" by Judge Santiago Burdon

My Kevorkian Alter Ego
Judge Santiago Burdon

Please go ahead jump
It's time to put you out of my misery
You don't have the balls
All talk no devastation
Charade after charade
an overplayed drama.
Another boring non event
The only thing that has died
Is my interest

Stop with the Greek Tragedy
Cutting your wrists
Swallowing pills
Attempted O.D.'s
Pathetic cries for help
Ya know what
No one is listening.
It's embarrassing to watch
Your acts of a coward

Methods to end it for sure
A gun in your mouth
With a hair trigger nice touch
An electric appliance in the bathtub
Oh yeah, use a toaster
Makes a great headline
"He's Toast!"
Your slow boat to death
Has run out of rivers
The Heroin, Cocaine, Oxys, the Meth
All condiments to flavor your depression

What do you say
let's get it over with
Time to make the grand exit.
What makes you think
Anyone cares anyone gives a fuck
Go ahead take the jump
Make a big splash
That'll show them
You don't give a fuck either.

"The Tenth Of September" by M Teresa Clayton

The Tenth Of September
M Teresa Clayton

Today I woke up and looked out the window,
I felt the pressure of the years on my bones,
The sun was shining and casting long shadows,
Where the seeds of my past had been sown.

It’s six a.m.; I could feel myself growing older;
Aches and pains and getting hard to remember,
And it just got worse as the days grew colder
Seemed early, it was only the tenth of September.

But, just as I was swinging my head low
I heard the phone ringing out in the hall.
She had no heat and it was 10 below zero
Just before now, I had no problems at all.

Damn the luck, and it was still morning.
It wasn’t how I wanted to start the day.
Bad things happen, at times without warning,
To good people, isn’t that what they say?

I got up to take a quick shower and shave
When I found myself taking another call.
He gambled away all the money he saved,
And killed himself taking a ninety foot fall.

I was balancing the checkbook around ten,
Another call answered, she was the mother of four.
It seems he started drinking and beating her again.
She died fighting; she just couldn’t take any more.

The news came on with a news flash up-date,
The little girl that was missing was found dead.
I thought I had problems that seemed too great,
What was I thinking; I must be out of my head.

Feeling down, I decided to go out for fresh air,
Nearly tripped over the beggar on the sidewalk.
I was still trying to figure out why life isn’t fair
When I saw them outline her body in chalk.

She had been struck as she was crossing the street.
She looked to be no more than twenty-five or thirty.
I noticed her shoes were knocked clean off her feet
As she lay exposed on the ground cold and dirty.

It was dinner-time and I had covered several stories,
Submitted them to press for the paper the next day.
In my line of work, you could lose yourself in worries,
I’ve had my fair share but there were bills yet to pay.

I went to bed early, muscles aching and tight.
Oh, what I would give to just not feel a thing.
I hope I can finally sleep through the night.
Only God knows what tomorrow might bring.

The call came at nine and I was just waking.
I wrestled with whether or not to answer the call.
I turned on the television as the story was breaking,
Up to then, it seems, I had no problems at all.

"The Monsters Between Us" by Jerry Langdon

The Monsters Between Us
Jerry Langdon

I tried to fill the gap between us
But the bridge became another void.
Every stone was a burden upon us.
We drifted further apart.
And the bridge took a toll.
Our sorrows became a haunting troll.
Monsters are a shadowed heart
That dwell in the darkness of the void
Which stands between us.

© Jerry Langdon 2022

"Rage of Wrath" by Erik Leviathan

Rage of Wrath
Erik Leviathan

Behold the hope of man is in vain
Cast abroad The Rage of Wrath look upon all that are proud and take them low
Tear down the wicked in their palace and bind them from their lust
Empty shells left rotting in their dust
Parasites Gorge themselves upon an altar of sin

Purge your hunger staying hungry fill your mouth like whores feel your souls with emptiness your toxic waste gives birth to our world's bitter taste.
Humanity's existence exuberates your toxic waste a septic disease Vermin plug in filth and infection silently attacking with he's an intricately disguise sustenance of time depleting life.
They rip themselves apart to seek counsel in the Stars yet the universe rejects their Council for in death there is no Remembrance in the grave let all my enemies find their slumber

Music created by Panos Karayannis
band: Misanthropik Torment
Lyrics and vocals: Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Artwork Design: Erick Leviathan Scarlet
Computer Graphic Design: Claudiu Ciorbaru

Blindly following the masses will render you to being a mindless drone, leaving you with mindless hate. Mindless hate, breeds meaningless violence. Think for yourself, if you must hate, hate for your reasons, not someone else's

"Archeologists of Ourselves" by Robert McDermott

Archeologists of Ourselves
Robert McDermott

fossil minds
living moments
remnant thoughts

puzzle pieces
seeking places
searching peace

our time
ever present
constant, fleeting