Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "Newly Awakened Era" by Sky Claudette Soto

Newly Awakened Era
Sky Claudette Soto

And as divine as we are in this newly awakened Era of consciousness we duly move forward onward and forth and flourishing Astrologically and metaphysically...metaphorically speaking. In the most peaceful of manners rich of heart, with benevolent blessings of all kinds...and a vast creative nature of a resilient outlook on life's journey's and experiences...
home sweet home where candy canes sweeten our palates and the utmost pleasures of life tantalizes our tasteful minds and so and so we light our candles for a night of divination pleasing our soulful auras and brightening our inner and our outer light like shining stars raining unto the earth's core.

First American Publishing rights only, Copyright and written by Sky Claudette Soto.

Poem: "One Late July Evening" by Ted Axe

One Late July Evening
Ted Axe (c.)

The sun had just gone down
I went out to find what I could see
Under a canopy of green
I heard the cicadas scream
And saw the sky bleed

Poem: "Informative Information" by James Kenneth Blaylock

Informative Information
James Kenneth Blaylock, 3-14-23

separation, it seems to me,
they honed out desperation…

tricked by master magicians
that motivated old emotions

losing touch with our realities
one colorful illusion a second

those loud bells and rickety rack
were designed for disillusionment

we lost ourselves due to lack of
informative information and love

Poem: "Good For Nothing" by Judge Santiago Burdon

Good For Nothing
Judge Santiago Burdon

I've taken enough shit from you today, attacking me with the persistence of a Monday morning hangover, you're fortunate I'm heavily medicated, and not paying attention to almost anything you say, otherwise I might take offense, to your condescending soliloquy of humiliating comments, concerning my character, it always seems to be complaints, about something I didn't do, rather than what I might have done, you say I'm good for nothing, even good for nothing, is good for something, the only thing you accomplish by these rants of screaming falsehoods, is proving your self-righteous and conceited demeanor, you haven't told me anything I haven't heard before, if this is an attempt to hurt my feelings, you're heading up a dead end street, they became numb in my childhood, I used to hold the flashlight for my father, you're just an echo, of all the women that didn't last, my interest in your summation, is hiding in the lost and found, there's a swallow of patience left in the bottle, a cold shoulder of icy give a shit in the syringe, all I can think of saying, is shut the fuck up, but I was hoping to come up with something, a bit more profound.

Poem: "Kahlil" by M Teresa Clayton

M Teresa Clayton

Kahlil, the sky is blue and the bells are ringing.
Gather the people and lead them to the Way.
Let their voices fill the sky with their singing.
And invite all the children to dance and play!

The day has come for a peaceful celebration.
Tell them – lift up your hearts, set your love free.
And soar on the wings of their jubilation.
The air is sweet with peace and tranquility!

Kahlil, the prophet has finally sounded his horn.
The heralds of war have ceased their drumming.
Do not cry out, nor cover your heads and mourn.
He is on the Way to his great homecoming!

Poem: "No One, Nothing" by Kay Irvin

No One, Nothing
Kay Irvin

Your sharp judgement can wield like a knife
Now, it doesn't apply to my life
I'm no one, nothing

Your blame has selective memory
Your love draped a black veil over me
No one, nothing

You made a choice, decided I'm not here
Banished, dead from your world, it's done
I'm nothing, no one
And no,... I won't let you have it both ways
Beckon me back for more hurt, stabbing
I'm no one, nothing

Your mood can feel like a block of ice
I would care but I'm all out of nice
No one, nothing

Your blame has selective memory
Your love draped a black veil over me
No one, nothing

Don't you see?
(no one, nothing)
(no one, nothing)

Poem: "Repetition Begs The Question That Silence Solidifies" by Alan Lisanti

Repetition Begs The Question That Silence Solidifies
Alan Lisanti

why do I speak
to the wall
absorbing words
and echoes
observe the response
patterns of indulgence
internal orbit of the mind
in your lonely solar system

is projected unto all
the threatening things
that remind you of it's
fragility, I don't want to be
the mirror anymore
blinded by your misdirection
like the sun was born
in the pupils of my tired eyes

it doesn't blind you
in your obliviousness
there was no truth to find

you've shown me myself
in your refusal to accept it
and exposed your mask
and it's cumbersome lie

now I can see
why the footprints
only point north
and eventually they dissipate
dissipate and die

so why are my lungs
expelling the screams into space
in the atmosphere where
no one will hear them
while you just sit back
enjoying the ride

can you not tell
in the words
you have spoken
you are the illusion
you can not survive

Poem: "Life" by Robert McDermott

Robert McDermott

Is a smokescreen
What we see is shaped
By our individual perspectives
Own impressions

One's reality is another's illusion
Are wired differently
A lie can be the truth
A truth can be a lie

We pass through portals of various sizes as we live
The windows of our minds have their own view
Open your eyes
What do you see?

Poem: "The Traveler" by Renascentia Bella Morte

The Traveler
Renascentia Bella Morte

Death comes as swift as a black bird taking flight.
Stealing the sun away from any given daylight.
Sometimes putting us into another dark night.
Time stands still for us, the living, & in this silent pause.
We tend to overthink think of how certain things went wrong.
Some of us can even sense when your spirits are near.
In the beginning it can cause us so many more tears.
Within some time.
You will appreciate the signs.
I appreciate the messages through song & nature that you send.
This helped me realize that nothing ever truly comes to a end.
Like the ever changing seasons like
winter spring summer & fall.
We now have firm roots n guidance behind us, So we may stand so ever tall.

Poem: "V" by Nataska Nikolic

Nataska Nikolic

When I hear a hoarse voice
A wind blows and a shiver
Runs through, deep, soft tissue

Your look of coal is reeling in
The sighs of this world
Set right, by the light

And I raise my hand
A swing of the glass
My inspirations spills
Onto your needless skin

This time is coming to an end
My pen has stopped writing
Its ink no longer flowing

Although my ears still hear the word
Skin reacts to the sound
Of your silky voice that smears all over

I’ll paint your world with colours
Step into my light
I’ll paint your world with colours
with my wavy, red hair