Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Insomniac' by John White


There’s no time to sleep,
I’m far too busy.
The thoughts swirling in my head,
I’m starting to get dizzy.
Why is something so simple
So difficult to do?
I’m trapped in my mind
With only the thought of you.
I want to close my eyes,
And get lost in a dream.
But that will never happen,
There’s no stopping this machine.
Now there’s only nightmares,
They have escaped from my sleep.
Haunting my day,
They don’t need darkness to creep.
I used to hold you in my arms,
I never slept alone.
Without you by my side,
Nowhere feels like home.
I woke up in your love,
And fell asleep in your warmth.
The night has never been so cold,
My sanity is migrating north.
I hope this is all a dream,
And I’ll wake up sometime soon.
With you right by my side,
Hatched from this cocoon.
It all makes sense,
I don’t sleep because I already am.
If that’s the case,
Why won’t this hellish nightmare end?

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