Friday, December 15, 2017

Single Review: HAMFERÐ Frosthvarv

Second single from their new full length Támsins likam to be released on Metal Blade Records January 12, 2018
Promotional video directed by Franklin Henriksen
The beginning of the song sounds like the Swedish depressive black metal band Hypothermia with doom influences. In the beginning of the video we try to understand what happened, reminding more something related to the "end" of the Viking era: crosses as primitive tombs, some Vikings coming back from their long journey, all in a modern style (18th century?), we know that the Viking era ended around the 10th century. But in this video, it's how I see things. At a moment, surrealistic things happen, some dark blood appears and at a moment, there's a dark creature from the woods that killed the woman. Then the man, who saw the scene too late fought against this creature and won: but it's not the creature laying on the ground but his wife. Was it a battle against the man and himself? Was he fighting against his own old demon? Or... Was it especially a message showing that something from the Christianity itself killed too much innocents in Northern Europe? Through centuries, things remain the same, taking a look at the graves make us think to our ancestors. The doom side of the music add a deeper note to the melancholy. The vocalist brings emotions synchronized to the whole video. At the end, all the men sail away, taking with them bitterness and desolation into their hearts. I've never listened to their music because it's new for me, and thanks to this video, I want to listen to their album. Scandinavian bands are always special to me, because they really know to use their emotions in their work. I'm not disappointed at all and I'm sure most of us are not. -Abyss Forgottentomb

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