Tuesday, April 23, 2019

EP Review: PLAGUE WEAVER Plague Weaver (Independent) by Ashara Armand

Place of origin: Mississauga, Ontario
Country of origin: Canada
Genre: Black metal
EP: Plague Weaver
Label: Independent
Release date: March 17, 2019
The shape of this piece is heresy at its climax. We are in a realm crowded of sinister events we cannot comprehend. When you listen to Plague Weaver. Someone carries you into an encircling of glory. They are on the rise with a double-song post. I ask they develop more tune for this collection. Its tease at first. You can sip the ashes but you crave more. There is something devious about it. It is haunting. I can almost hear the words in my mind repeatedly. It's beyond this world. They pull us into their dimension of music.
What the fuck? That's it? Two songs? Nothing? That's it. I really feel like this was a sample sale. That pissed me off. PLAGUE WEAVER EP had me on fire. That shit was good. Too good. Too good to be true. When you hear something off books you want to make sure that shit is lit.
And it was. I really liked it.
If that is what you wanna call it. Bring it home. I feel they should make more. And if there is some out there I will hunt it down and listen. I am glad I indulged. You can never avoid new things. You can avoid anything good for you. Music medicine. The concept makes you feel you are part of a dark ritual. The sense of black magic is everywhere, but it is fucking great. I hope you will take a listen and judge it rightfully. Because I am waiting for their next kick. -Ashara Armand

Track list:
1. Condemned to Worship

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