Thursday, April 18, 2019

Poem: "Exhaling!" by Rich Orth

By Rich Orth

Peculiarity spoke words
Defined by irregularities
In her cadence
What a fool such as I
Drifted upon this plane
Sifted simple disdain...
She... once my love
Kissed me once
Pissed away each chance...
How I loved her... still
Still her corpse 'neath my feet..
It remains... she remains...
I abstain.. on most days
quick to define.. each play
Lustify one's dreams
How it seems
With half a kiss
My world swirls again...
And again and again
Banded... candid... in sorrows
In horrors kissed by truest hell
Expelled... how worthwhile
For as her virlal vial
words...absurd, yet truth
This truth bursts forth
Awakened truest pain ..
Yet now she tis gone
I refrain from wasting each breath
Exhailing her name

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