Friday, November 22, 2019

EP Review: GET REAL! "Anger Management" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Genre: Alternative rock
EP: Anger Management
Label: Independent
Format: CD, digital, streaming
Release date: November 5, 2019
Every second Wednesday, I do my best to attend a writers group titled ''The Story Forge Writers Collective.'' One of the members of this group is Jo-Ann MacDonald, Who I was featured alongside in a story collection ''The Good, The Bad, And The Funny.'' Jo-Ann recently informed me that her son Andrew MacDonald is a member of a new local band (from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) who have chosen the moniker ''Get Real!'' as their band name. Earlier in November 2019, they released their EP ''Anger Management.'' Andrew happened to email for review just as I was sitting at my computer to do some writing, so obviously, I lunged at the chance to help promote some music from my local area.
First off, this is a bit of a stretch from what I normally listen to. Death metal, grindcore, goregrind, black metal, punk, and other related sub-genres are my usual listening choices, but after checking out this EP I can say with sincerity that Andrew and his bandmates are a talented group of young individuals. I let Anger Management play through twice, the second play through being just as enjoyable as the first listen.
Vocally, this is top tier. Pure talent is emitted from the music, and I can add that this group might have a shot at mainstream success. Most bands I review are strictly underground and are often condemned to the underbelly of the music industry. Get Real! has a sound that is much more commercial, and I would not be surprised to see this group make it far within the local scene and elsewhere.
Musically, everything is put together very well and is brought to fruition with clarity and genuine tightness. Both rhythm and lead aspects of the guitar work are on point, and without question, a smörgåsbord of skill can be heard emanating from the licks and riffs. As for the drums, they are played with elegant fervor, bringing the whole thing together in machine-like fashion. I think it is safe to say that Get Real! has landed themselves a new fan.
The production quality of this EP is also of high quality. This is not something recorded on a tape deck in a dusty attic. I can really tell that time, passion, and effort were put into the recording process, and I think I can make a stab that the effort has paid off. Get Real! now has a brand new EP that is nothing but pure audio splendor, and I highly suggest that you get in contact with them to attain a copy.
There is not much more to say except that I was very glad Andrew sent me these tunes, and honestly, I am very content to know that the local scene of Cape Breton is still absolutely pulsing with talented new artists. Maybe someday soon I can make it out to a show, but only time will tell. Either way, Get Real! has been a pleasure to listen to, and I can conclude that buying this EP is a great idea. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Andrew MacDonald: Vocals, guitar
Jeremy Devoe: Bass
Drew Hawboldt: Drums

Track list:
1. Molotov
2. Seeing Red
3. Hold Me Down
4. Martyr
5. Afterglow

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