Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Full Length Review: PLASMA "Ethical Waste" (Rotten Roll Rex) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Frankfurt, Hesse
Country: Germany
Genre: Goregrind
Full Length: Ethical Waste
Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Format: CD, streaming
Release date: June 20, 2019
Ah, the legendary goregrind band known as Plasma! This band was actually part of one of the very first goregrind CDs I ever owned! It was a three-way split between Plasma, Spermswamp and Radikalis Amputacio! I bought it along with a Patologicum album at a Fuck The Facts show in the early to mid-2000s. I also purchased a copy of Backstabber Etiquette, an older release by FTF.
Those were the days! Back when I had nothing much better to do than sit in my living room all day perusing various goregrind and grindcore releases. (Nothing much has changed). The last Plasma album I listened to was 2016's ''Dreadful Desecration'' and as always, it was a genuine blast of splattery gore-filled delight. Now, it is time to see if this newest installment is as solid as previous releases from this well-known grinding monstrosity.
First off, I can say that the vocals are just as good (if not better) than they ever were. Splattery, gargling, gurgling bursts of vileness are vomited forth from the ''singer'' and I can honestly say that this is just how I wanted it! Nothing is more enticing to my ears than an eruption of watery pitch-shifted gutturals, and this release is hitting the sweet spot that only a few others can. Goregrind is life, and today, Plasma has made it worth living!
Pounding drums penetrate my brain with spastic fury, ranging from blasts to rolls, to tight and groovy awesomeness. The guitars are just as they always were, down-tuned and chugging. The sound quality overall has been improved upon, as this album is in no way lo-fi. This is studio quality goregrind, the likes of which being a rarity within the scene these sounds permeate.
Plasma hails from Germany and has been active since 1995. This is their fourth full-length album, and honestly, it is one of their best in my humble opinion. Featuring twenty-four tracks and clocking in at just under forty-five minutes, as far as goregrind goes, this is a pretty long album. I normally prefer shorter releases, but Plasma manages to snag my full attention, so listening to everything they have to offer is far from a chore!
As I sit in my bedroom with my headphones on I can conclude that this newest output from Plasma is nothing less than a gore-grinding masterpiece, and every second of Ethical Waste will without question go down in the annals of grind history as a sincere and genuine winner. Nothing more can be said, except that I have always been a fan of this band, and to date, this still holds true.
Plasma fucking rules! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Ulfinator: Bass, vocals
Smoke: Vocals, guitars
Schnaps: Drums

Track list:
1. Pitchgrinder
2. Feasting on Freshly Fermented Female Genital
3. Lethal Semen Injection
4. Pusfilled Vaginalcanal
5. Chewing on Purulent Sordes of Vaginal Iissue
6. Gushing over Fresh Amputated Teats
7. Embedded on Putrid Chunks from a Decapitated Whore
8. Slime Stained Gore Miscarriage
9. Intercourse with a Deboned Corpse
10. Pus and Blood Was All She Got
11. Abusing a Slimefilled Rotten Body
12. Dick Flapped, Head Cracked
13. Grinding Sorefretted Dicks
14. Abnormal Cervix Extirpation
15. Choking on Purulent Spunk
16. Sailing the Seas of Menstrual Perversitys
17. Gagging on Dislocated Labium
18. Snotlubed Pussy Penetrator
19. Boltgunned to Massextinction
20. Purulent Thyroid Consumption
21. Exposed Penile Muscle
22. Not Dead Yet
23. Pulsating Blood Bladder
24. Transmorphed Hemipenis

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