Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Single Review: A Mors Et Bello "The Harlot of Christ" (AMEB Productions) by Sarah McKellar and Obscvre

Location: Monterrey
Country: Mexico
Genre: Pagan black metal
Single: The Harlot of Christ
From the upcoming album “The Lords of Evil"
Format: Streaming
Label: AMEB Productions
Release date: 2020
A Mors Et Bello is a Mexican symphonic black metal project from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon formed in 2001. After 15 years, an EP and a full-length release- A Mors Et Bello are back with “Harlots of Christ” from their upcoming album “The Lords of Evil”.
This track commences with furious guitars and a heavy symphonic black metal feel while guttural vocals add a chaotic touch to this track- before launching into a dramatic epic style black metal reminiscent of early Emperor.
Consistently face melting epic black metal with a slight touch of death metal riffing adding a blackened death vibe. Samples over an acoustic interlude add an eerie gothic vibe with female vocals and a panicked more frantic vibe to their sound. The vocals are at the forefront during this track and are consistently strong throughout this release.
A technically tight and solid symphonic black metal track guaranteed to melt your face off and rip your eardrums apart with blast beats- “The Harlot of Christ” is packed with excellent riffs, blistering drum beats and enough symphonic vibes to satisfy the most hardened symphonic black metal fans. -Sarah McKellar and Obscvre

Alverdark Bello: Vocals, bass, guitars
Andras Bello: Drums, guitars

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