Saturday, January 28, 2023

Poem: 'Voices' by Sky Claudette Soto

by Sky Claudette Soto

I hear voices in my head where did you go,
trident of healers
can you hear me ...psalms speak to me with swirling large horns miraculously whispering chants as I swallow and follow the northern star 🌟 evening star ... star... of variable light ... polaris entertwined in a rotational axis as the earthen.. earth turns ...I turn twisting about with each star tracing circular images amongst the evening sky stillness takes place as the northern star in place.. a triple star.. my eyes eyes see a triple star 🌟 a guiding light...guiding me.. physically, mentally, spirituality and emotionally ..hail the traveler wiping each tear that drops like rose quartz, into the great ocean and washes away,beneath the tides.

First American Publishing rights only! Copyright and written by Sky Claudette Soto Jan.2023

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