Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Video Review: EVIL LUCIFERA Arise by Sarah McKellar

Arise (Sepultura cover)
The Italian Symphonic Black Metal project "Evil Lucifera" was founded in 2009, by Evil Lucifera. Evil Lucifera's cover of Sepultura's "Arise" commences with a haphazard and intense montage featuring Evil Lucifera, giving the band their namesake. Strikingly beautiful and talented, the haunting behaviour and passionate aggression displayed is visually eye catching. Serving to add an effective and intense contrast to the clip is the impressively timed shots of dead and decaying images splicing Evil Lucifera's intense performance. I particularly enjoyed the use of the stark contrast in the lighting, serving to add more intensity. Musically, expect to be aurally assaulted by the intense and guttural vocals of Evil Lucifera. The unashamed aggression and brutality injected into the vocals is both impressive and ear catching. The technical and tight drum lines are definitely admirable- particularly noteworthy for their polished sound. Guiseppe Lavagna's technical skills and guitar work is exceptional and his solo work particularly is noteworthy. An aesthetically and aurally pleasing clip. -Sarah McKellar

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