Sunday, November 4, 2018

Promotional Video Review: SKULL PIT Fire Breather by James K. Blaylock

Fire Breather
Promotional video from their self titled debut album, to be released on Metal Blade November 16
Place of origin: USA, Japan
Genre: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Directed by Kazuaki Kimura
Release date: September 25, 2018
Skull Pit's two core members (Exumer's Mem V. Stein, and Church of Misery's Tatsu Mikami,) may be worlds apart physically, but not at all musically. When they first started speaking to each other via the internet it was out of due respect for each other's bands. So it was only natural that they should want to create something together, maybe even a little unnatural. Of course their mutual adoration for the legendary band Motorhead is very noticeable, and why shouldn't it be. Those guys paved their way in rock and roll history one white-knuckled song at the time. But just take a moment to think about how this molten collaboration would not even be possible without today's technology. The song Fire Breather literally breathes new life into the old dying lungs of hard rock/ metal. It's definitely about time that something lights a fire under our bored feet. Even if it has to be done using computers, gizmos and doodads. So be it. There you have it: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. -James K. Blaylock

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