Friday, June 19, 2020

EP Review: Ossario "Ossario" (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Band: Ossario
Location: Sicily
Country: Italy
Genre: Putrid black metal
Format: Digital album, CD cardboard
Label: Independent
Release date: June 8, 2020
Ossario is a three piece punk influenced, black metal project from Sicily. “Ossario” is their 2020 EP Independent release. The band has a hard-hitting, raw approach to their punk-influenced black metal and display an unapologetically aggressive and unrelenting approach in doing so throughout their self-titled EP release. Tight and technical as a whole, Ossario lose none of their unrelenting approach throughout this release. “Millennial Fears” displays an ominous start before launching into the earth shaking, raw filthy black metal that the listener will come to expect of Ossario and another musical aspect to be appreciated. Manic and chaotic, “Torment, Sweet Torment” kicks this release into a further aggressive, punk influenced black metal style with a nihilistic approach. Strong and harsh vocals are a hallmark of Ossario and are at the front of their musical sound frequently throughout this release adding an extra layer of chaotic filth. An essential listen for those who are a fan of blackened thrash and newer Darkthrone, Ossario will not disappoint. Ossario have turned aggressive, unrelenting, punk influenced black metal into a chaotic driving force to be reckoned with in their EP and I genuinely look forward to hearing more of their material in the future. –Sarah McKellar

Krost Von Barbarie: Vocals
Schizoid: Guitars
Anamnesi: Drums

Track list:
1. We're All Born To Die
2. Millennial Fears
3. Torment Sweet Torment
4. Rigor Mortis Boner (Necromance)


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