Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Full Length Review: Zwaremachine "Be A Light (Special Edition)" (Sliptrick Records) by Gene Olivarri

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: USA
Genre: Industrial, EBM
Format: Digital album, CD
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: June 9, 2020
Zwaremachine is definitely a monster when it comes to Hypnotic mind blowing industrial and EBM, plus Darkwave added to their brand and, mix which is such a beautiful thing vocals and synth work are done right this band totally gets it. All songs on this album just plague your mind guitars and vocal are so sharp heavy and crisp in every song the drums are like a tank just pounding hypnotic beats that make you have such a good time it makes you move. It reminds me of early Skinny Puppy, Ministry and KMFDM with a bit of Carpenter Brut.
The synth work is so catchy there was not one song I didn't like on this album you have to hear it for yourself I push everyone to go visit their band camp and Facebook page to take a listen. At times the singing is so dark and then the chaos begins such unique vocal approach by Mach Fox and Dbot have together the music gets so dark and hits deep into the soul and just takes you for a hellish ride. –Gene Olivarri

Mach FoX: Vocals, synth
D-bot: Bass guitar, vocals
Dein Offizier: Drums, percussion

Track list:
1. Pulse
2. Remain Unseen
3. Another Way
6. Person To Person
7. Our Revenge
8. Be A Light
9. Remain Unseen (Aim&Execute Remix)
10. Be A Light (Audiocentesis Remix)
11. IEYEI (Planktoon Remix)
12. Person To Person (Planktoon Remix)
13. Remain Unseen (Planktoon Remix) 

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