Saturday, June 13, 2020

Full Length Review: ELM "The Wait" (Bronson Recordings) by Gene Olivarri

Band: ELM
Location: Cuneo
Country: Italy
Genre: Noise rock
Full length: The Wait
Format: CD, digital album, limited edition 12” vinyl
Label: Bronson Recordings (Italy)
Release date: June 12, 2020
First of all, I'd like to say this is a band everyone needs to keep a good eye on. Elm is an Italian based stoner rock blues and at times a bit sludgy band all in all. Elm's music is so catchy, just a solid great feel to the music makes you just wanna bang your head to the music. Through the entire album, the musicianship of this band is so amazing as well the band's tone and approach. It's just so unique the drums and the power of the riffage going on in every song on the album just yanks you in wanting more where I just didn't want the album to stop I had to put it on repeat. The guitar riffs are so catchy crunchy and with some fat bottom end coming from the bass is hypnotizing I'm sure in a live setting this band is fun to watch with a couple of cold ones. The Music has a thick deep heavy feel which the singer compliments so well with is singing patterns reminding me of a bit of allice in chains mix with the Melvins and at times a Dave Mustaine vocal approach. Everyone needs to go and buy this album take a chance on it you will not regret it. –Gene Olivarri

Matteo Torterolo: vocals
Alessandro Martines: guitars
Andrea Meinero: bass
Giorgio Rita: drums

Track list:
1. Hell
2. Kingsnake
3. Whole Year Inn
4. Violence Is Golden
5. Believe Or Burn
6. A Storm Is Coming
7. 44
8. Shell Of A Man
9. Abattoir
10. Son
11. Hellhound

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