Saturday, June 6, 2020

Interview with musician JIMI HUGHES by Devin Joseph Meaney

Interview with musician JIMI HUGHES

Hey Jimi. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and your current output of music.
My name is Jimi Hughes, I play drums and do vocals in Human Obliteration, HeDied and I drum for SMD (LA Thrash Punks). I have also, in the past, done live and tour drums for BruceXCampbell, and ACXDC. 

Name some releases you have been a part of in the past! 
Well, in the PV/Grind world there’s ¡Putasos!’ two releases, one of which was a split with my old band Nerve Grind. Then there’s my work with Nerve Grind (I was the Drummer on HATE.FUCK.KILL and the Vocalist for the Years of Shit 7”, and the Thieves Split tape), then there’s the 4 records I did with Recalcitrant (Demo-2015, Fiend Split, Your Enemy Split, Haggus Split), and the 2 releases with HeDied (No Second Chances, Corrodent Split). Not to mention the Human Obliteration EP I did when first joining (Blind Submission), the Newest Record (Human Obliteration: Definition of Insanity) we just put out with help from WiseGrinds, ToLiveALie, Legion Productions, GivePraise Records, and Narcoleptica Productions (CD Release-Russia), and the Newest record I did with SMD (Clusterfux Split). I’ve also played in folk bands and crust punk bands that only put out (now lost) local releases. 

If there was one message you wanted to send with your art, be it musical or otherwise, what would it be? 
Never submit to those that seek to oppress you; be they Nazis, Jack-Booted Police, or some other entity trying to infringe upon your right to exist as a human being. Also, fuck racism, sexism, homophobia, and corrupt systemic issues that allow these things to persist in the 21st century. 

How many instruments can you play? 
I can play 5: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo! 

If someone wanted to purchase some of your music, where would one find it? 
There’s a few places, I’ll make it easy and include the band pages and the label pages! 

Out of everything you have done musically in your lifetime, what one moment (or multiple if there is a tie) affected you the most? 
Wow, that is a great question. So many memories and moments to think about. Honestly tho, I would say a moment that affected me the most was being able to play in Europe for the first time, Obscene Extreme Fest in particular. It was a great experience. I had always dreamed of playing that festival, and then I did. I got to watch my friends and heroes play (sometimes they are one in the same) and experience something I had literally dreamed about for eighteen years. The people that run it are amazing (Especially Čurby!), and it changed my perspective on this worldwide scene of musicians we all belong to. 

What are some of your biggest inspirations? 
My biggest inspirations are Howard Zinn, Eric Foner, Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx, Caitlin Rosenthal, Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, Alexis Herr, Isabela Richter, My Father, My Grandpas (WW2 Vets), and every soldier who gave their lives to defeat Nazism. 
These bands: Whiskey Rebels, Shrine of Scars, Death, Operation Ivy, Filth, The Pogues, Dystopia, Black Sabbath, Vinnie Paz, Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Contribution X, Bausa, Noisear, BruceXCampbell, Rites of Spring, Minor Threat, Embrace, Thursday, Orchid, Jimmy Clift, Dandy Livingstone, The Cure, Joy Division, Faraquet, Scorpions, Pig Destroyer and many many more. 

What do you hope to achieve with music in the near future? 
I wanna play on every continent that I can, and in every city that will let me. I wanna travel, playing drums and having fun with people all over the world. 

Give someone a shout-out who really deserves it! 
The Band DöpeMess!!!! But also: Johhny Ray, my best friend whom I used to ride freight trains with that passed away in 2012. Everything I do, I do with you in my heart Johhny. Always and forever my bestest friend. 

Any final comments? 
Yes, thanks for even being interested in what I do, or who I am. It means the absolute world to me. 

Thanks Jimi! 

-Devin Joseph Meaney

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