Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Demo Review: Sawbelly "Insulted" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Sawbelly
Location: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Genre: Punk
Demo: Insulted
Format: Cassette, streaming
Label: Independent
Release date: 1994
While browsing YouTube I stumbled across an account called “Atlantic Canada Punk”. As I love punk-rock, this came as a welcome discovery. And as I live in Atlantic Canada, the find was all the more pleasing. After browsing a few different bands, I came to a group called “Sawbelly”. There was an upload of their 1994 demo “Insulted”…and I can say without a doubt that this is some seriously gnarly punk-rock!
I don’t know if these guys are still around, but they hailed from Annapolis Valley. Featuring 13 tracks, this demo provides the listener with a blast of underground awesomeness and manages to bring on feelings of times past. (Although I was four years old when this demo came out…I too was involved with the punk scene years ago).
Again, I don’t know much about these guys but I sincerely suggest checking them out for yourselves. Fans of punk-rock and other forms of lo-fi abrasiveness are sure to dig the offerings provided by Sawbelly…or at the very least I did. Also, I will continue to check up on the Atlantic Canada Punk account. There are some seriously driving uploads available here, and it will be fun to immerse myself in the history of Atlantic Canada’s punk scene.
So what are you waiting for? Check out Sawbelly…and check out Atlantic Canada Punk! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. All Systems Go
2. Not Today
3. Jubilee
4. Purple Sid
5. Think
6. Fresh Vegetables
7. Peggy's Love Song
8. Cooler
9. Fly Girl
10. Mary
11. Unknown Track
12. Egg Raid On Mojo (Beastie Boys cover)
13. Unknown Track

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