Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Poem: "Four Ways I See the Sun" by Alan Lisanti

Four Ways I See the Sun
Alan Lisanti 2018

They hijacked your name and made you human
A world without light is no world at all
Humble gaze at the sight of fire
Endless energies drawn

The out of reach still eludes me
My mind grows wings for elevation
Sometimes towards the skies at dawn
When lost in realms of imagination
Close the distance if the body's gone

Blind and skewed in captivation
Lock eyes with your voiceless God
When darkness reigns
Your projection muted
Seep on through the darkened song

Dusk's retreat is not surrender
Days are gears in Grandfather's clock
Conceptualize these human concepts
Not untrue just calculated
Measured in relentless seconds
Time is always working hard

Revolutions 'round the centre figure
Bow your head for grander psalms
Upon the surface of the waters
Will to make your presence known

Reflective like divinity's mirror
Wilted roses will hold on
Through the nights that deplete my being
Breathe is scarce, but spirit strong

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