Thursday, April 2, 2015

CD review: MOTHER OF MILLIONS Human by Dave Wolff

From what I gathered, Mother Of Millions’ Human is a conceptual recording incorporating themes of “question the process” and “ask the reason why.” I would have liked to see some printed lyrics to understand what the band is conceptualizing. But this seems to be an engaging concept I would take time to peruse on a deep level. The sample from Network’s “I’m mad as hell” scene interested me in what the band are saying about contemporary society (this made me want to brush up reading about that movie while listening to the songs here). Occasional moments present doubt as to whether anything can change for the better, unlike other concept albums with storylines of a totalitarian future. The band that devised, developed and executed this album hail from Greece and characterize their music as progressive/alternative metal. This might not be the most brutal release I have heard, but the range of emotions and different musical themes (some tracks are produced with atmosphere, others have a goth-like with piano and keyboards, and still others have Celtic influence) made an impression. This is one of those recordings that exhibit mainstream appeal while breaking the mold of what bands can do in the spotlight and the messages they put across. The track list is divided into three separate sections entitled “State I,” “State II” and “State III”, indicating a process of thought and intellectual journey leading to some profound finale. Each stage of this journey sounds represented by the variance in themes I mentioned earlier, so much so that this comes closer to a metal opera than you may expect from an alternative metal band. -Dave Wolff