Saturday, January 9, 2016

CD Review: KIRLIAN CAMERA Christmas Message From Elsewhere

Christmas Message From Elsewhere
Kirlian Camera - an unusual name that does more than compliment the unusual nature of the music. I'd like to tell you the lyrics are just as wonderful, but most bands forget how equally important those lyrics are to the listener. Lyrics and musical composition and talent all play off of each other to bring about the brilliance of a band worth the listen. It adds depth - take note, all musicians. "Finally we can announce 4 new Kirlian Camera CDs arrived. KIRLIAN CAMERA CD The Three Shadows KIRLIAN CAMERA CD Todesengel KIRLIAN CAMERA CD It Doesn’t Matter, Now KIRLIAN CAMERA/ANDROMEDA COMPLEX CD Split" - as you can see, there was much to listen to and process for a fair review. The band is distinctly Italian - in your face and proud, capable of producing a reaction and keeping you coming back for more. Their work seems to have taken on a life of its own, and a pace that makes it difficult to follow. Each of their albums is worthy and superb. I would personally recommend closing your eyes, hitting play and going from there. It is all amazingly intense. For more information on the founding members and contributing artists, please visit -Teresa Clayton

Track list
1.    Christmas Message From Elsewhere

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