Monday, December 26, 2016

CD Review: EMBALMING THEATRE Re-Animated Tomb Contents (Live at Sedel) (Give Praise Records) by Victor Varas

Give Praise Records
Released October 9, 2016
Since first time I heard grind-death metal bands, I’m convinced that musicians involved in the genre must have prodigal memory for those twenty – something tracks in the albums. Not to mention in live shows. This case is a 27 tracks example of aforementioned, and definitely worth to listen. Coming from Switzerland, this band was formed in 1995 and based most of the noise in Napalm Death’s style, plus thick roots in punk music, of course. We are talking about a band that knows the business, and on this live album sounds quite tied. Musically speaking, they have chaotic and nasty guitar riffs, and as the genre demands, almost all tracks are short but deadly. For those who wonder what inspires these artists to create a bizarre opus like this, well this is real, as the band states that all lyrics are based on true stories. Also, I liked this apocalyptic sound made in DIY attitude behind the table mix. It seems like it was a very rotten and stinky show in the underground scene. Do you complain? I don’t. On this live album you will find cover versions of songs from Napalm Death, Nasum and Mortician. Nice! -Victor Varas

Track list:
1. Instru-mental/Pornmatic Drive
2. Dead, Stolen, Hacked Up and Raped
3. Lucid Fairytale (Napalm Death cover)
4. Amputation of the Wrong Leg
5. I Married a Corpse
6. Shoes Made of Human Skin
7. Coin Locker Baby
8. Shotgun Vasectomy
9. Dennis Andrew Nilsen (Dahmer cover) 01:24
10. My Home Is Necropolis Pt. 2
11. DDD Dog Driver Death
12. Flesh Eating Bacteria
13. Vasectomy by Lobster
14. Baby in the Fridge
15. Headbowling
16. My Wife in Concrete Pt. 1
17. Red Carcass River
18. With a Hammer to the Slammer
19. Four Brains, One Hand and One Foot in My Luggage
20. Someone Else in My Coffin
21. We Ate Daddy
22. Bake the Baby
23. Dying Funeral Procession Carnage at the Cemetary
24. Suffocation in the Sandbox
25. Cut to Fit (Nasum cover)
26. Zombie Apocalypse (Mortician cover)
27. Satanist (Filthy Christians cover)

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