Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Flash fiction: NOXIOUS LOVE by Devin Joseph Meaney

Flash fiction by Devin Joseph Meaney

One eye of newt, the tears of three virgins, and the tail of a spotted salamander. These were the main components necessary for the noxious brew that Evanora was concocting within her pewter cauldron. She added the blood of a love once lost to the mix, to help ensure that her spell would ensnare the target her cold black heart so desired.
The gruesome mixture began to bubble and froth, changing colors as she whisked the foul contents with her bare hands. Evanora's heart danced in her chest as she pondered over her lust for a muse that rejected her longing. Evanora was a fetching beauty, but her love was as vile as the deeds she committed to quench her yearning for intimacy.
The woman she adored had a heart of gold, and her embrace felt like woven silk on Evanora's icy skin. Sadly, that heart of gold cherished another, and rage now consumed Evanora's body and mind. There was no true love for the wretched. There would be no soothing touch for the loathsome. Only by the power of strong magic would the pure relish the damned. But only by the light of the pure would the damned ever be saved.

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