Thursday, January 23, 2020

Full Length Review: BESTIAL INVASION "Monomania" (Nocturnus Records) by Sarah McKellar

Location: Zhytomyr Oblast
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Technical Thrash Metal
Full length: Monomania
Format: Limited edition digibook CD (500 copies), digital
Release date: November 22, 2019
Bestial Invasion is a five-piece Ukrainian technical Thrash metal project established in 2014. “Monomania” is their fourth full-length release through Nocturnus Records. A thrash -driven technical start instantly sets the tone for “Monomania” giving the impression that Bestial Invasion is not going to compromise on the aural assault. Oddly melodic - Monomania is a seriously technical, polished testament to Bestial Invasion’s customary unforgiving technical thrash style. The use of samples creates a distinct mournful feeling which contrasts wonderfully with Bestial Invasions strong and tight technical elements. A slight feel of traditional heavy metal vocals combined with an epic vibe toward the lyrics show off another musical element of Bestial Invasion- and of course their ability to shred as fast as possible. Lyrically diverse, Bestial Invasion swing from technical thrash anthems to well written historical pieces. An unforgiving technical thrash assault- “Monomania” is a must for fans of both Bestial Invasion and technical thrash in general. I genuinely look forward to seeing what Bestial Invasion has to offer musically in the coming year. -Sarah McKellar

Vakhtango Zadiev: Vocals
Serg MP (Metal Priest): Bass
Alexander Klaptsov: Rhythm guitars
Denis Shvarts: Solo guitars, acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars (track 6), keyboards
Ischenko Andrey: drums
(Special guest) Kelly Shaefer (Atheist): track 6, solo 1
(Special guest) Doug Piercy (Blind Illusion, ex- Heathen): track 6, solo 2
(Special guest) Regina "The Bishop": track 4

Track list:
1. The Period of Tragedy (intro)
2. Monomania
3. The Angel of the West Window
4. Deny Your Future
5. The Garden of Earthly Delights
6. Memories. The Аrchitect Of The Universe
7. Sir Francis Drake: The Queen's Pirate
8. Retribution (Atheist cover)

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