Friday, February 12, 2021

EP Review: Pagan Deity "Hierofania" (Jaibana Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Pagan Deity
Location: Chiriqui
Country: Panama
Genre: Melodic symphonic black metal
Format: Digital
Label: Jaibana Records (Panama)
Release date: August 15, 2020
Hello all my metal ghouls tonight we take a bite outta this new offering PAGAN DEITY, the Hierofania EP. The basis of this EP is melodic symphonic black metal from Richard Sáenz (Equinoxio, Ruins of Christendom). The project includes contributions from well known Panamanian underground performers such as José Aníbal Morales (Ruins of Christendom), Martín González (Vóran, Sköll), Felipe Camargo (Equinoxio, Filthgrave), Alexis Jiménez (Still Louder) and Rubén Rovira (Ruins Of Christendom). Every song has a unique flavor. At times with this style of music, after the second song you know how an album will end up. Not in this case at all. It kept me extremely zoned into every moment. “Hereje Maldito (Juan De Pomoceno)” is an interesting concept song about a legend from Panama. Juan De Pomoceno was a recognized rider of devilish bull horses that could not be tamed, but he could. You must read up on him as he was truly interesting when he was alive. Every song on this EP has such beautiful tones that make you take in the music so easily. The band did a great job on this aspect. The artwork this label does for their releases is so beautiful and unique. The instruments interline so well and are well produced. All in all I give it 4 out of 10 jalapenos. Take a chance and buy this EP. That's it for me; I’m going back to the tomb. Till next time my ghouls keep supporting zines and underground music, and most of all KEEP THRASHING!!!! –Gene Olivarri

Richard A. Sáenz: all instruments, songwriting, lyrics on track 4
José A. Morales: guest vocals, lyrics on tracks 2 and 3
Martin González: guest lyrics on track 2
Alexis "Alexo" Jiménez: guest guitars
Martín González: guest rhythm guitar on track 3
Mabel Castillo: guest clarinet on tracks 1 and 5
Ruben Rovira; guest drums on track 4
Felipe Camargo: guest

Track list:
1. Espectro Maligno
2. Hereje Maldito (Juan De Pomoceno)
3. Repulsiva Absolución Sepulcral
4. Espectro Maligno (con Felipe)
5. Hierofanía

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