Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Full Length Review: Crust "Stoic" (ꔅ) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Crust
Location: Veliky Novgorod
Country: Russia
Genre: Black/doom metal
Full Length: Stoic
Format: Digital album, compact disc limited edition cassette
Label: ꔅ
Release date: April 2, 2021
What’s up, everyone!
It’s of course no other than your favourite neighbourhood Relentless Reviewer and I’m back with an album review!
STOIC by Crust!
So, this is the latest album by the band Crust released in April of this year which features 8 tracks!
So, after careful listening to this album, I have to say there are a few things that are intriguing to me right off the bat.
I want to discuss the production because this is (I feel) a massive deal about this record as it feels as though the 8 tracks were carefully put into place where they should be and masterfully handled as the overall listening experience is one of heavy doom, despair and helplessness!
I love the pacing of this album too, as the band doesn’t find the need to rush the completion of this experience and that’s a quality not many bands use to their full advantage to fully incorporate the message or vibe they are trying to sonically convey to the listener.
Tracks for me that highlight this perfectly are shown in the second song ‘Watching Emptiness’ as listeners uncover this 10-minute track you can hear the patience and slow unveiling of the story provided by the band, they make sure each minute has its purpose there’s a menacing start, deeply rooted middle and fascinating end and throughout all these waves in some amazing Black/Doom Metal which is the next talking point: The music!
This album does a fantastic job at providing an interesting blend of Black Metal, Doom Metal and as the album hits its halfway point Sludge Metal is introduced as well.
What’s unique about this album is that the influences aren’t just ‘sprinkled’ on in microdoses to fit here and there but strongly incorporated track for track which is a move I really respect.
You can easily identify the various sub-genres on each track and they do each sound justice especially the Black Metal which I find their most consistent sound that is distributed on the album.
Over the 8 tracks and the sonic enhancement of all of my favourite metal sub-genres it’s easy to see why this is a new Bandcamp favourite! It’s got
-Conceptualized Story Telling
-Diversity and more! If you’re in the mood to listen to something meaningful and badass both at once then I can’t recommend an album stronger than this one, go experience the unbelievable yet well-deserved hype today!
-Corban Skipwith

Arthur Filenko: Bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Vlad Tatarsky: Guitars
Roman Romanov: Drums (live and current line up)
Igor Prokofiev: Session drummer

Track list:
1. Stoic
2. Watching Emptiness
3. A Blind Man in Darkness
4. Willow Forest
5. Plague
6. Darkness Becomes Us
7. Anhedonia
8. Desert

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