Saturday, November 6, 2021

EP Review: Katja Macabre "I‘m On Fire" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Katja Macabre
Location: Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Country: England
Genre: Metal
EP: I‘m On Fire
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: November 28, 2020
Looks like it’s EP week! I’ve done more of these this week then I have in a long time, none the less when the bangers keep coming, I keep sharing them! So let me introduce to you the EP
-I’m On Fire by Katja Macabre
So, this is a 5 track EP featuring the songs
-I‘m On Fire
-7 Reasons To Sin
-Be Alone
As well as an acoustic rendition of the first track
-I’m On Fire (Acoustic)
So, where do I begin with this EP? I think it’s fair to say that Katja brings a unique ’passion’ and ‘conviction’ to the record that you don’t often get nowadays.
When I was listening to this, I could help but hear the channeling of people like Pat Benatar, Fiona Apple and those types of acts. We’re talking about the strong and willful types, the types of women who won’t be walked over and won’t just sit there and take misfortunes by others without fighting first.
She has a strong, fighting spirit about her in her music which makes her songs feel ‘real’ and ‘emotional’ rather than just a collection of tracks for the sake of it.
As far as the production side of things goes, I felt a strong mix between classic Hard Rock, Punk, Alternative Metal, and obviously acoustic. There are moments of heavy screams and growls but for the most part, the clean vocals take the lead which I have no problem with as she can sing and she not only utilizes her clean vocals but also her emotion behind her every word, phrase, and sentence!
She seems like the kind of person (artistically) who understands that length and quantity isn’t everything, understanding that a handful of tracks with real feelings, pure passion, and emotion can easily make due and shine above full-length albums that don’t even have half the amount of energy as she’s putting it, so I’m very happy that she chose this route because it’s short and sweet and hits every punch!
If you’re in the mood to channel some internal frustrations or anger if you’ve had a challenging day and you’re looking for that quick release of endorphins and stress relief then this should do just that!
It’s compact, impact and will leave all spirits high and intact!
Why spend hours searching for that ’one’ album to scratch that emotional itch when this one has everything you need and is 1/4 of the size? Please go check this out and feel the rush!
Oh what a rush! –Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. I‘m On Fire
2. 7 Reasons To Sin
3. Be Alone
4. Fight
5. I’m On Fire (Acoustic)

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