Thursday, June 9, 2022

Full Length Review: Pathogen "Moribund Manifesto" (Old Temple Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Pathogen
Location: San Pablo, Calabarzon
Country: Philippines
Genre: Death metal
Full Length: Moribund Manifesto
Format: Cassette, CD, digital
Label: Old Temple Records (Poland)
Release date: May 16, 2022
Welcome back everyone.
This is the latest album by Death Metal band Pathogen called ‘Moribund Manifesto’ and it was released in May this year!
First thing I noticed about this record is how it utilizes the ‘meat and potato’s’ aspect of ‘Death Metal’ but with that extra splash of ‘Finesse’ so turning this style into steak and creamy potato puree! I love how they are able to blend in the combination of ‘brutality’ and ‘technicality’ all in one project it’s fucking awesome.
I love the ‘Doom’ aspect of this album, it’s something that lingers in the background and in the production. This sense of danger and fear lurking around every corner, every melody, every song. I can’t speak for all Metal albums but most just play in a ‘heavy’ style and expect that to be enough to give the audience those sonic chills and although it might work for some, the real music heads know that in order to pull off a truly terrifying record you need to focus on all the aesthics not just the instrumentation and that’s exactly what these boys are doing here!
I love the fast paced techniques of the guitars, the ferocious nature of those thumping drums and the ever so cruel and twisted vocal harmonies are a perfect match for this type of sound, you couldn’t ask for a better syncing then what’s provided here!
Across the eight tracks you are gifted with a one of a kind, kick ass ‘Death Metal’ record that is equal parts ‘magnificent’ and ‘magnitude’ all round into one chaotic project that is sure to knock your fucking socks off! Corban Skipwith

Willie Desamero: Vocals, Guitars
Jerome Aranza: Bass
Kenneth Baldovino: Guitars
Vic Jarlego: Drums

Track list:
1. Lament of the Graveless
2. Deviated Flesh
3. Scourging Across Cursed Realms
4. Wrath of the Abhorer
5. The Abominant Relics
6. Spectre of Thantos
7. To the Dismal Depths
8. Enraptured by Evil

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