Saturday, July 2, 2022

EP Review: Frostmoon Eclipse "Rustworn" (Immortal Frost Productions) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Frostmoon Eclipse
Location: La Spezia
Country: Italy
Genre: Black metal
EP: Rustworn
Format: Digital, jewel case CD
Release date: March 18, 2022
I have to say I feel like I’m hitting a new milestone here, if I’m not mistaken (and I could be) this is my first (pretty much) live album/EP I’ll be reviewing so three cheers to that!! Anyway, what we have here is a newly released EP featuring two studio tracks and 3 live tracks, the songs are as follows:
-Relentless, Circling
-Hell Thousandfold (Live)
-Devoured (Live)
-Torn Apart By The Withering Voices Of Deceit (Live)
So apparently this band hails from Italy and what they bring to the ‘Black Metal’ scene is really interesting and engaging because on the surface it looks like they are just dabbling with the trademark style of the classic Norwegian style ‘Black Metal’ but once you dive in properly you discover why their legacy is as solid as it is and why this EP is so fucking solid.
Firstly, although it is true they do take some influence from the forefathers of the sub-genre they also bring many styles and influences to the table such as.
-Groove Metal
-Thrash Metal
The beauty here is that they use these various elements in generous doses and spread them out in a way where nothing is overlapping each other and trust me when I say a metal bands biggest sin would be create an album with all these glorious inspirations only for them all to collapse on top of each other resulting in a messy, unorganized mess of a project, but thankfully these guys show their genius and technical prowess to make a solid record where everything runs smooth as a river, love it.
Now, the LIVE songs are a different untamed beast entirely! The energy and passion they bring to the stage is the definition of BRUTAL I love it! You can hear when an artist or band is a master of their craft, when they’re really in tune with what they have created, and this is a shining example of masters at work.
Every note played, every guitar string, every drum pattern I mean my goodness is this perfection on display or not? These guys are here to say, ‘we are the modern-day forefathers of this shit and we ain’t going anywhere anytime soon’ and I love everything about it!
Also, lastly what a crowd man, so respectful waiting till the end of a song to cheer so cool, random point I know but it must be annoying surely when you’re trying to play your music and they won’t wait till the end, crazy.
Anyway, this is a MUST release to check out so don’t wait any longer and do it today!! Corban Skipwith

Lorenzo Sassi: Vocals
Claudio Alcara: Guitars
Davide Gorrini: Bass
Gionata Potenti: Drums

Track list:
1. Rustworn
2. Relentless, Circling
3. Hell Thousandfold (Live)
4. Devoured (Live)
5. Torn Apart By The Withering Voices Of Deceit (Live)

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