Friday, August 18, 2023

Full Length Review: In Vision "Manuscript" (Independent) by Amethyst Wynter

Band: In Vision
Location: Moscow
Country: Russia
Genre: Melodic death metal
Full length: Manuscript
Format: Digital streaming/download, compact disc
Label: Independent
Release date: July 17, 2023
The first thing I noticed about In Vision's album “Manuscript” was the amazing album art. Before even listening to the first song “Insanity side” you instantly get a dark atmospheric vibe. When you see the darkening sky over the changing tree you feel overtaken with wonder of what emotions are going to be triggered? Will you feel a sense of loss? A heartbreak? Will there be a new beginning or perhaps a death?
Fans of H.I.M, 69 Eyes, Charion, End of You and Sinamore will fall in love with the hopeless romantic, gothic tones as well as the Death Metal melodies! The serenading folk style acoustic guitar that bleeds into a black metal style of melt your face off shredding! Oh! and let’s not forget the very impactful rhythmic drumming style in every song!
“My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” is the story of a sultry, sexual fantasy escape! Imagine yourself with two smoking hot babes riding in a 62’ Vette with no worries doing whatever you want to do whenever you want and knowing everyone is looking at you! Sexcapade! We all know confidence is sexy. wink haha. The layered harmonic vocals paired with screams put you in a black light trance!
In Visions “Music Box”! is hands down one of my favorite songs ! I loved the references that were used to show that your mind is the music box. Everyone knows that sometimes your own mind can be a Pandora’s Box. Your mind can sometimes create dark places and uncertainty.
If you are looking for a gothic melodic death metal fix! In Vision's “Manuscript” is definitely for you! Also don’t forget to check out “Get Up” featuring Igor Kapranov from the bands Stigmata! Amatory! And Outcast! Manuscript is packed with talent! To listen to In Visions “Manuscript” & more from IV, check out these links to learn how you can support the journey! -Amethyst Wynter (Amethyst Wynter Promotions) 

Alexey Vinogradov: Vocals, guitars
Nickey Loco: Lead guitar
Robert Rozomashvili: Bass
Artyom Kononov: Drums

Track List:
1. Insanity Side
2. Manuscript
3. Somebody Love
4. Pray
5. Get Up! (Feat Igor Kapranov)
6. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend [Type O Negative cover]
7. False Mind
8. Music Box

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