Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Full Length Review: Serpens Lvx "Hendecagramicon: Adversarial Ethos Exoterically Unlocking Shrines of Dissolution" (Satanath Records) by Gene Olivarri

Band: Serpens Lvx
Country: RussiaBand: Serpens Lvx
Country: Russia
Genre: Black metal
Format: Digital, jewel box CD (limited to 500 copies)
Label: Satanath Records (Georgia). Co-released with Australis Records (Chile), Pluton's Rising Productions (Poland), The End Of Time Records (Ireland)
Release date: June 30, 2023
Serpens Lvx is insanely impressive with this album. I was very taken back by the sound of the tone. The quality the writing of the songs was amazing. Serpens Lvx is indeed a Black/Death torturing machine from the very depths of hell. The sound produced by this band is breathtaking such epicness with every song throughout the album. The ideas of the drum beats were something to my ears, a new and very different approach. The bass as well was sharp as a demon's blade soaring through the music. The guitars were so amazingly done; lots of unique riffing and timings. The tone of the guitars was completely different and tasteful. –Gene Olivarri

Tzinacan: Vocals, lyrics
Vorronah: All instruments

Track list:
1. Raping the 7 Mothers ov Kaoz (Point of Ingress)
2. Tzinakankamazotz (Aztec Vampyrism)
3. I Am the Adversary (Impii Irreligiosi Carnivoribus Immortalibus)
4. Gnosis Cipactli Tiamat
5. Salve la muerte!
6. Anticosmic Eroticism (Sexual Black Light Magick)
7. Formulation of Qayin
8. Stabbing the Eye of the Sun
9. Set-Typhon in Apep (Quetzalcoatl Decapitated)
10. Dehexecrated Graveyard of Galaxies
11. Tlazolteotl Mantra (Point of Egress) (Instrumental)

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