Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poem: 'Be Your Best' by Andy Horry

Be Your Best
by Andy Horry

You’ve gotta be your best
If you wanna serve the rest.
Just let go of the past
With a shotgun blast.

Your sexy ass deserves some loving,
So don’t hold back or backtrack.

Love your self, attract the wealth
And you better make sure that
You’re in good health.

Then you can be your best
And serve the rest.
You heard me!
Be your best,
Don’t settle for less.

Don’t limit your life
To make others feel blessed.

Their situation is theirs.
If you wanna help,
you best distance yourself.

Let them feel the pain
So they can check themselves.

Just like Ice Cube spat,
“Chickity check yourself
Before you wreck yourself.”

He spat those bars about
All the shit that’s bad for
A brother’s health and you
Better believe that if you aren’t
Being your best, you’re gonna
Wreck Your health.

And who’s gonna listen
To your nappy headed ass
When you haven’t even
Got your own shit sorted?

Sort it fam,
Sort it homie,
Fix it sista,
Fix it broski.

Get it done.
Don’t wait till tomorrow.

Be the geezer or gal
You came here to be.

Smash it like a jackhammer.
Bash it, slash it, nail it!

Notice the greatness within
And don’t spread that shit thin.

Feel the pain and grow
Your domain as you hustle
Like the spiritual gangsta
You’ve always been.

Being With Life

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