Saturday, March 19, 2022

Full Length Review: Abanglupa "Of Rats and Swine" (see review for labels) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Abanglupa
Location: Pateros
Country: Philippines
Genre: Grindcore, hardcore
Full Length: Of Rats and Swine
Format: Digital album, cassette, CD (Esagoya Records)
Label: Lower Class Kids Records (Germany)
Nuclear Family Records (UK)
Ugly and Proud Records (Bulgaria)
Audacious Madness Records (USA)
Bent Window Records (Canada)
Esagoya Records (Japan)
Helldog Records (Poland)
Release date: February 22, 2022
Today, I’m here to discuss the debut album of the band all the way from the Philippines ABANGLUPA released in February of 2022 with 10 hot tracks to grace us with.
Firstly, I want to comment on the general nature of this project because man, this album goes hard as hell! what we have here is a combination of ‘Garage’, ‘Punk’ and ‘Thrash Metal’ all rolled up into one chaotic project that brings so much energy to it that it’s insane. I love how the intensity dial is turned all the way up to 11 and the way they play their instrumentation with those fast paced, action packed, methodically brutal components all of it just make this a beast of a project.
I also love how in some parts you’ll get a more ‘Sludge Metal’ vibe with the middle of the song ‘Edge’ for example. I love how almost ‘evil’ it sounded to slow things down to as I mentioned before more of a ‘methodical’ pace in between such frantic instrumentation and kickass punk influence!
One thing I feel I should also point out is in classic ‘Punk’ style most of the songs here are under a minute long! So what you’re getting here is a collection of fast, short bursts of energy that have no room for error or filler just straight up passion and rebelliousness for an album that would be barely 13 minutes long. I have to say I’ve heard many short albums in my life but never quite as short as this one and the amount they were able to cram in and the things they were able to accomplish not just sonically but technically, creatively and musically are nothing short of amazing for the time they gave themselves.
So overall, I would definitely recommend everyone try this record out. It’s fast, fun and ferocious in more ways than one. Corban Skipwith

Ronaldo Vivo Jr.: Drums, vocals
Ronnel Vivo: Bass, guitars

Track list:
1. Misery Chambers
2. Forced Dementia
3. Of Rats and Swine
4. Erase
5. Ignorance is Order
6. Lansagin
7. Desolation Machine
8. Blood Owed
9. Decorated Vultures
10. Abanglupa

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