Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Poem: "Dance of the Sheep" by Tanner Reiss

Dance of the Sheep
Tanner Reiss

Dear Cancel Culture,
Join in the dance of the sheep
All those who weep over milk
Yet to be spilt, and wilt
Because they were not built to endure.
Are you sure what you're fighting for?
Claiming yourself a saviour
Acting with childish behaviour
Whilst blaming everyone but the mirror.
Blindly following peer after peer
It would appear you are merely
So addicted to this dance
You refuse to take a chance
And see past pretty petty veneers
To realize what you hold dear
Is birthed out of fear
That interferes with your eyes
So you cannot realize stupidity is clear.
This is the dance of the sheep!
The Culture of Cancelation
a CAN-[cer to]-CELL-A-NATION
Putting everyone on blast
But alas, neglecting to broadcast
Yourselves admitting
To crimes you are committing:
Assimilating ethnicity,
Whitewashing industry,
Re-writting history,
I'm sorry, is that not hypocrisy I see?
I guess you can-sell idiocracy
Wait, did you get it?
You are the sheep who weep in dance
I am a wolf taking a stance
The pen is my tongue,
My words the sheers
Hence why I sleep with no fears.
If this poem hits home
I will not atone or check my tone!
It is not lies that I speak,
It is the truth that I seek
If you are offended, you are weak
Please, take this chance to join
The dance of the sheep!

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