Monday, March 20, 2017


Since 2014 Gorenography has sustained the spotlight on classic gore flicks, the sort that appealed to fans with the strongest stomachs in the glorious eighties. You may ask if this is a genuine nostalgic spirit, if the reviews shed new light on unsung classics or if a bygone era is simply being run into the ground. After all, you can assume you’re reading about movies you’re long familiar with and you want to read of new movies to see how they compare with the classic era. Or since an endless succession of internet outlets has spawned an equally endless onslaught of movies it takes longer to search through, and the information age allows for less time to do so you’re looking for a simpler outlet. Kristin Theckston summed this up with her blog I’ll Slash Thru The Rest To Get To The Best. Gorenography is similar to Theckston’s blog in that it presents compendiary blurbs for movies from Nosferatu (1922) to Friday The 13th (1980) to Re-Animator and Day Of The Dead (1985) to The Human Centipede, The Green Inferno and Krampus (2015). As such this blog has something for fans of classic and modern horror and may well introduce the latter to several gems they missed out on. Some of the reviews are accompanied by trailer clips you can also read some posts on sci-fi movies and metal bands. -Dave Wolff

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