Sunday, March 12, 2017

Video Review: THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP White Faced Devil by Rrockhopper

White Faced Devil
From the 2 track single: Through Dungeons- Chapter 1. with The True Salvation
White Faced Devil comes alive through Mr. Dim: vocals/lyrics, Pete Flesh: guitars/bass/layers/music/layers and Henrik Borg: drums. Available on Amazon, Spotify and also the band's label Critical Mass Recordings who released it Feb. 10. 2017. I saw one fan comment asking why the band changed their music sound/style. Sounded like a how dare you. Made me laugh... they took it personal. White Faced Devil is a hauntingly melodic tune. Reminded me of Type O Negative with hints of Ozzy and Iommi. Many of the band members’ previous recordings are a lot heavier, as you would expect from a Scandinavian group. According to Pete's bio, Pete Flesh started as a solo adventure in 2001 and evolved into The Pete Flesh Deathtrip in 2013. The 2013 debut: “Mortui Vivos Docent" which Latin to English means The Dead Teach the Living, again has an excellent melodic feel, but a more heavy gravelly vocal(but distinguishable lyrics), still I have not heard anything that made me ship to the next tune yet! Follow up CD Svartnad again much heavier than White Faced Devil with Pete Flesh signing vocals...The constant that stands out is not just ethereal melodies, but lyrics that actually tell a story. As a poet and lyricist words and melody draw me in and everything that I have heard through Youtube and the bands FB and webpage, they do it to perfection! I don't use stars so it's 5 dead hookers outta 5! Enjoy! -Rrockhopper

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