Friday, January 19, 2018

Lyric Video Review: FOR MY DEMONS Reborn by Dave Wolff

Official lyric video from their full length Close To The Shade, to be released on Revalve Records May 19, 2018
Preorders available April 24, 2018 at Revalve Records’ Big Cartel
Advance screening available at
Made by Stefano Mastronicola
The dark alternative rock band For My Demons have released a promotional video to build anticipation for their next full length Close To The Shade, which is scheduled for a May release. I’m pleased to say there is nothing of the trendy alternative that radio subjected us to, nor is there any indications of the band copying the Seattle sound from before MTV picked up on it. For My Demons reinterpret the meaning of the term alternative rock, constructing a new sound that merges melodic vocals, somber acoustic and electric guitars, string instruments, tribal percussion, and a dusky, crepuscular atmosphere. Also some Latin themes in the acoustic guitar solos mixed with Sisters Of Mercy. What comes of this is something you haven’t quite heard before. Watching the video closely you’ll see the profound job it does adding visuals to artfully placed lyrics describing the end of a long journey in which a nameless narrator sought his true self after extinguishing the damaged, scarred ghost of a past that is not illustrated except for the residuum upon his soul. The animations of Stefano Mastronicola, apparently done with computer programming, denotes a balance between surrounding darkness and distant light the lyrics are based on, and a darkly magical air that is not seen as much as it is felt. If the graphics are by computer, there are just enough graphics to tell the tale and Mastronicola’s method of animation is not forced down your throat as they are in movies. There is still an organic feel to it, and it is beautifully presented. For some reason I thought of the novels of Stephen King, his technique of familiarizing you with his characters in short fiction like Nona and All That You Love Will Be Carried Away. There is something about the lyrics driving home whatever experiences led him to this wilderness and the rebirth within his reach. There’s still some searching to be done in the end, but the hope, thin as it apparently is, is still palpable. Recommended viewing. -Dave Wolff

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