Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poem: 'Break Away…. Crystal Madness' by Craig Michael

Break Away…. Crystal Madness
by Craig Michael

Windows to the world, Crystal madness.
Break the mood, blotter the sadness.
Trip on as clowns with distorted faces cannonball to the ground. Mocking all that exists. Making death faces. One with an evil frown.
Trip on as crystal swans swim on porcelain lakes. Turquoise geese beckon the great mythical amethyst drake.
Insanity dwells in flare. Can’t feel my face! My tongue rolls out to taste the air.
Cartooned imaginations, Innocent eyes turn red, asking yourself: Am I alive or am I dead?
Wow! Mental mind games, Angelic frogs begin to preach. Cannot comprehend. Sobriety cannot be reached.
Swim into the gel, the gel of the night. Smile at the moon, Feeling alright! Swim into the fog, Backstroke into the night!
Dead dogs and aborted puppies on my floor make me slip and fall. Rotted road pancakes are nailed to my wall. Think old mama would like my new décor or will she show up at 6 AM to throw me out the door?
Windows to the world, Crystal Madness. Break the mood, Blotter the Sadness

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