Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poem: 'We play pretend' by Astrid Beauvois

We play pretend
by Astrid Beauvois

I feel like I’m losing my faith in fairy tales,
Because everyone only wants sex.
Like, sex is great, but have you ever tried watching movies and cuddling?
Dancing in the kitchen at 3am to nothing?
Sitting outside together, watching the stars?
We play pretend with each other,
We live these lives that have absolutely no purpose and build them up to become empires.
I find myself lost in your eyes and then I have to blink,
I try so hard not to, waiting until the very last second to close my eyes.
When they reopen, you’re not there and it crushes me,
Because I don’t think happily ever after even exists in today’s society.
Do you have a Snapchat?
Follow me on Instagram!
You liked my Facebook post,
I’m glad you agree with the thought I stole from another.
I only just exist here,
I’m tolerated just enough to not be cast away by everyone.
A well timed verse in a song that plays on a loop throughout our encounters,
But you’re deaf and the melody is lost entirely.

Everything and Nothing

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