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Article: Crimes Of Our Fathers by Damien Lee Thorr

Crimes Of Our Fathers
Article by Damien Lee Thorr
copyright © 2018

A little over 500 years ago, Europeans invaded the “new world”, known today as the islands of the Caribbean and the North and South continents of the Americas. It was a new world because they were not aware of its existence prior to discovery. Islands and continents were invaded, lands stolen from their indigenous inhabitants, often slaughtering them when they resisted, raping the women and enslaving them all, scouring the land for its vast resources, gold and gems.
Europeans brought with them many evils: cruelty, diseases, greed, lawlessness and Christianity, which was forced upon the conquered, thus, erasing every trace of their culture.
As the invaders settled throughout the new world, establishing new governments, a further obtuse (and insane) system was put into place: mass slavery, which subsequently became a profitable industry for at least three centuries.
Slaves were preponderantly natives from the western portion of the African continent, although evidence suggests numerous people were bound into slavery from the eastern coasts as well.
Centuries elapsed as the new world was transformed into the republics and governmental systems that are currently in place, mostly achieved by means of war and bloodshed.
The United States of America is a nation coveted in blood: blood of the numerous indigenous tribes whose descendants now reside within reservations and blood of the slaves.
Although slavery was abolished in 1865 in the United States, former slaves (referred to as blacks, negroes and today, African Americans) were then forced to establish themselves in American society and carry on with their lives with no compensation. However, they did not enjoy equality until 1968. ON PAPER!
The problem in society is that a vast number of white Americans are bigots who believe African Americans are inferior humans and are predetermined to misjudge them and discriminate against them. This has always been a problem, even among law enforcement officials and the judicial system. There really is no equality.
Some African American athletes have taken it upon themselves to sit out the standing and pledging allegiance to the flag in protest of the inequality that plagues the nation. This has offended many whites, claiming that these athletes are there to work/entertain and not express their personal or political strife while some white clergy refuse to marry inter-racial couples and elected city officials refuse to grant gay couples a marriage license, citing religious freedoms. There is no equality and a double standard is quite evident.
I view the United States as a “bully” nation: a nation that has been at war or military conflict since its inception, meddling needlessly in other countries, invading and taking nations, thus, suspending morality and ethics.
The history and evidence is plain for all to see but it is astounding how a multitude of Americans are ignorant to these facts:
In 1893 the US overthrew the independent nation and monarchy of Hawaii. There were US and European businessmen with invested interests in the archipelago who got support from the US military and took over.
The overthrow left Queen Liliʻuokalani imprisoned in the Palace under house arrest. US Navy and Marines did not initially enter the Palace grounds or take over any buildings, and never fired a shot, but their presence served effectively in intimidating royal defenders, which made it impossible for the monarchy to protect itself. Due to the Queen's desire "to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life" for her subjects, at the urging of advisers, the Queen ordered her forces to surrender. The Honolulu Rifles took over government buildings, disarmed the Royal Guard, and declared a provisional government. Hawaii received statehood in 1959.
Hawaiians have preserved some of their culture and individuality and many US mainlanders have assimilated into life within the Hawaiian archipelago, which produced the 44th US president, Barack Obama, whose nationality and origin was unfathomably questioned due to the color of his skin.
In 1898, the United States invaded the unarmed and unprotected island nation of Puerto Rico by military force and claimed it, and its inhabitants, a United States territory. As of 1917, citizens of Puerto Rico have been recognized as legal United States citizens. Puerto Ricans have served in the US military in just about every war and conflict the United States has participated in.
However, when citizens of Puerto Rico immigrated to the US mainland, particularly, New York City, they were met with hostility and have not been made to feel welcome. An offensive and derogatory word was invented for them: Spics.
In spite of great adversity, Puerto Ricans have thrived and worked hard and have assimilated into living in the US mainland, spreading throughout many states, settling, working and starting families and just blending in, contributing to life and progress in the US.
It is an insult that they don't have the right to participate in presidential elections. If they are US citizens, why can't they have their say and vote?
State or not, they are US citizens and should have the right to participate in all presidential elections.
Why are they seen and treated as garbage?
The war with Vietnam started shortly after WW2. The US was heavily involved in the war in Vietnam for no reason and vehemently underestimated the Vietnamese fighters. This war, which ended in the early 1970’s, divided the people within the US and created a counter culture in the 1960’s. Many young American soldiers were needlessly lost in this war, which the US lost, in a futile attempt to take what is not theirs.... to meddle where it should not meddle.
In 1961 the US attempted to invade Cuba, grossly underestimating the Cuban people and failed. Had the US prevailed, Cuba today would have been a US common wealth (as PR) or a state. The US stopped trade with Cuba, thus, forcing the Cuban government to form an alliance with the then Soviet Union. Due to the lack of trade with the US, Cubans have suffered many hardships and lack of advancements and thousands of them have drowned within the 90 mile journey to the US mainland in search of better life opportunities. There was no reason to stop trade with Cuba.
In more recent years, the US has been present in the middle east, fighting battles and meddling once again where it should not meddle. There is no pride in meddling in the affairs of other nations. Many are blind to this, but, the US are the terrorists in the middle east. If the US had not meddled, there would not have been any terrorist activity, including 9-11.
I see the daily propaganda of “support for our troops” but I see it as soldiers forced to fight battles that do not concern the US and there is no pride in that.
I was recently at an event where actively enlisted soldiers were recognized and honored and were asked to stand for recognition as a crowd applauded them. One soldier near me stood up, looking around as if he deserved the special attention. Am I the only one who does not agree with foreign war mongering that only bankrupts our county?
There are assholes such as Richard Spencer, who calls out for ethnic cleansing, claiming the US founders wanted it that way. He has asserted that taking the American continent from the natives is acceptable, that “we won”. I wonder how he would like it if someone invaded his house, his property, and completely takes it from him by force. Would he concede that he lost it?
Then there are KKK assholes who claim African Americans are, by their imaginary “god”, inferior and claim Hispanics come into the country to “take our stuff”. When a Hispanic man or woman come here and work hard, pay taxes and purchase a home with their own money, how are they “taking their stuff”?
I have often wondered what they think is in their blood that gives them that imaginary sense of entitlement or superiority...
Now, with everything said and done: Native Americans slaughtered and forced into modern day reservations, African Americans excluded from equality and proper justice, Hispanics excluded from equality and proper justice, a lack of separation of church and state and a broken economical system.... what now? Where do we go from here? How do we heal?
The past is burdened with the crimes of our fathers. Today we live on lands that were stolen and we live among people who inherited wealth obtained by slave labor. No American alive today has owned a slave nor has slaughtered a native for land but here we are, descendants of those who did those horrible things. Knowing this, I live with a sense of guilt but here we are, innocent to the crimes of our fathers, living on land and housing we have worked and paid for. Can the past be repaired?
How do we heal or educate a bigoted nation when there is a vast population of ignorance (neo-nazis and KKK, recognized as “fine people” by the current asshole in chief) screaming out their dislike of those who are different on public streets? How do we educate those who are predetermined to misjudge those who are different? How do we educate those who are blind with belief, indoctrinated from an early age? How do we educate those who reject science?
One notable problem is how religious fanatics and religious leaders mislead their followers with falsehoods, passing on false or inaccurate information as if it were true. I have always found it amusing how the religious, without an advanced education and without any credentials, pretend to “know” more than scientists, archaeologists, biologists, scholars and university professors with doctorate degrees and peer reviewed published works that confirm their findings as facts. Some claim to have a doctorate in theology but any education in theology, in reality, is equivalent to cryptozoology, since it is not anything based on reality that can be tested or observed. Yet, many politicians are attempting to sneak it into our laws and educational system.....
I believe we first need to recognize the errors of our past in order to fix the future. There is a gross lack of education due to religious interference.

Damien Lee Thorr is the composer and lead guitarist for the popular, classically influenced and openly atheist/political activist metal band Predator, has authored many essays and editorials for Asphyxium Zine and written he horror-erotica novel “The Vampire Journals”. Check out Predator’s 2011 full length "Born in Blood" at Youtube and visit their official site at