Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Poem: 'The Ranting' by Johnny Hellion

The Ranting
by Johnny Hellion

Destroy god before it destroys you, mangled and hanging I felt it with my fingers, it was soft, I put it in the hole, the head cracked, I could almost touch the brain through its skull, stepping in maggots, bugs crawling off the body, biting me, wanting to bring the baby home, its face pressed against plastic, I placed it in the funeral home, playing with the dead baby, head crushed, slipping in shit, blood, piss, maggots, diseases, hearing voices, not knowing how many people I am, what I did to those bodies I have no regret only pleasure, I wear the smell of blood, sex, and death, so decomposed, falling apart, hair falling out, skin coming off, humans have a cage and its called religion, I have been waiting a very long time, spitting, grining, you are just a rhyme, I am becoming, since the beginning, everyone around me rambling, spinning, I am now, you still wonder how, patiently waiting, deteriorating and hating, inserting a dildo into the elderly, using medical tape to hold it in, eating an animal still breathing, at the end of the road where all the animals are dead, in this city of ruins, where all the stars are clustered, I wake up to a baby crying, decomposed in a diaper, looking through emotions through the reflection of mirror, comparing it to glass, children distorted in sexual poses, broken toys, broken dolls, broken nursery rhymes, insides hold shattered glass, my mind blank paper, my blood ink, spilled, I am not here but I can still hear, I am the satanic peter pan.

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