Friday, September 27, 2019

Full Length Review: PALE GREY LORE "Eschatology" (Small Stone Recordings) by Ghoul Shadows

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic, stoner, doom, post punk, space rock
Full Length: Eschatology
Label: Small Stone Recordings
Format: CD, digital, streaming
Release date: September 6, 2019
Ok, listen very carefully, I am going to say this only once: LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM.
And that’s my review thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Ok but seriously this is an amazing trip of an album! So many gorgeous, tasty technicolour treats for your earbuds! That bass fuzz, those drum beats, the vocals that Ozzy would approve of and the guitars that just riff over the cacophony of awesomeness. Fuck I may just like this band!
This album, nay! THIS BAND! Will take you away from here. From all your woes, from all your bad moments that may be happening from all the sludge of your 9-5 job. They will wrap it up in the damn tightest roach you ever done see and smoke your blues away in a transcending mix of tunes.
One listen to this and you WILL be transported somewhere. Where to exactly? FUCK NOSE! ….wait….fuck knows! Nose fuck?… would that be called nasal sex?
Any way you see my point you will forget where you are in the space time continuum of life and be in another world of kickass riffs and fuzzing little bass numbers.
At one point I ended up flying along with a dragon – using him like a surfboard and beating the everlasting shit outta the Threads from one of Anne McCaffrey’s novels… good times yo.
Meanwhile the guy at the local corner store just looked at me and said “Dude, again?” while I was being obscene to the confectionary stand. I bought everything and left with my shame and the kick ass music of Pale Grey Lore in my head.
Excuse me, I gotta listen to this album again.
Peace! :D
Rating: One helluva fuck yeah covered in all the fuzz! -Ghoul Shadows

Michael Miller: lead and backing vocals, six-string electric and acoustic guitars, theremin and mellotron sounds
Xander Roseberry: backing vocals, six-string and twelve-string electric and acoustic guitars, theremin and chimes
Donovan Johnson: bass guitar
Adam Miller: drums and auxiliary percussion

Track list:
1. Sunken Cities
2. Greed Springs Eternal
3. Before the Fall
4. Regicide
5. Waiting for the Dawn
6. The Rift
7. Void-Cursed
8. Silent Command
9. Undermined
10. Eschatology

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