Friday, September 13, 2019

Live Review: The Crusty Cross Canada Cruise Tour by Devin Joseph Meaney

The Crusty Cross Canada Cruise Tour
With Widow's Peak, Detherous, Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew.
The Underground, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Hosted by Rocksteady Productions
Last night I went to a death metal show tagged as The Crusty Cross Canada Cruise! featuring two of Calgary, Alberta's most visceral death metal bands, Widow's Peak & Detherous! The opening act was none other than Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew, a harsh sounding local punk act. Long story short, for reasons unknown to me, Detherous was unable to make it to the gig. With that being said, The Wrecking Crew and Widow's Peak without question made up for it with their vicious yet very tight sets. The Keith Doom set was the same as I always knew them to be. Heavy, fast, and ear shattering (in a good way). As for Widow's Peak, the sound of their abysmal tech-death permeated The Underground (the bar the show was held at) and I can say for sure that I am now a fan. Blistering vocals ranging from low gutterals to wailing highs set alongside technical guitars and bass with drums that sounded like a death metal machine gun in parts. After the show, I did not see any Keith Doom merch, but from Widow's Peak I managed to snag two stickers, two pins, their ''Graceless'' EP, and a fancy yet grotesque shirt. The CD is currently on it's second play through, and the sound quality is immaculate. I suggest this disc to fans of heavy music anywhere and everywhere, as it is over nineteen minutes of pure ear splitting tech-death! The shirt I will adorn at future events and shows across the Island, making myself a walking billboard in support. At the end of the night, I finished up with a small piece of mary jane and a Delissio pizza. I will rate this show a 9/10, with the extraction of one point due to the loss of the second touring band and a low turnout. Still, this was a great show, and I had an exceptional time. Great stuff, everyone. Devin out! -Devin Joseph Meaney

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