Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Split Review: Gruesome Stuff Relish/Offal "Unburied Repugnance" (Black Hole Productions) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Gruesome Stuff Relish
Location: Mieres, Asturias
Country: Spain
Genre: Death metal/grindcore
Band: Offal
Location: Curitiba, Paraná
Country: Brazil
Genre: Death metal/goregrind
Split: Unburied Repugnance
Format: CD (limited to 300 copies)
Label: Black Hole Productions
Release date: February 3, 2020
Today, John Sorrell of Morgue Rot/Fallen Asylum (the master himself) sent me a link to a split album I didn't even know existed. The disc in question is ''Unburied Repugnance,'' a two-way between the legendary Gruesome Stuff Relish and Offal. I am a huge GSR fan, and I have at least heard of Offal, so it was absolutely no chore to sit down and listen to the offerings pushed forth from both of these gory, grinding preachers of all things splattery, gargling, gurgling, and awesome.
First up was GSR, and as always, they did not let me down. This is your standard GSR, but that is actually a very high standard (in my opinion). Sleazy riffs and atmosphere reminiscent of a foreign splatter film, gargles and gurgles from realms beyond, high chaotic wails, tight drums, and excellent effect work all mix together to present the listener with an audio experience that could be likened to a walk through a graveyard on Devil's Night. Long story short... GSR rules!
As for Offal, this is the band I know less about. But when the first track hit, it was easy to tell that this is some well produced stuff, the guitar and riffs are (super) great, the drums are just as pounding as the ones presented by GSR, and the pitch shifter and effect work done by Offal is absolutely to die for! So in conclusion... I enjoyed this side of the split just as much as the first portion!
Out now on Black Hole Productions, this one should be absolutely needed when it comes to collectors of the Gore. And there is no doubt in my mind that both of these bands will gain the exact attention they are looking for. Most gore is great... but this stuff is genuinely a cut above. So listen to it, yeah? –Devin Joseph Meaney

Gruesome Stuff Relish
Daniel Olivar: Lead guitar, vocals
Noel Kemper: Guitars, vocals, bass, synths
Paolo Deodato: Drums

André Luiz: Vocals
Tersis Zonato: Guitars, backing vocals
João Carlos Ongaro: Bass
Igor Thomaz: Drums

Track list:
1. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Last Cannibal Tribe
2. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Dawn of the Mummified Corpses
3. Gruesome Stuff Relish: Curse of the Morbid Crypt
4. Gruesome Stuff Relish: A Matter of Time
5. Offal: Guts For The Blood freak
6. Offal: Crypt Of Fulci (Feat. Slasher Dave)
7. Offal: Inferno Of Hexed Impieties

This review can also be read at Devin J. Meaney’s blog, -DW

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