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Full Length Review: Hypocrisy "Worship" (Nuclear Blast) by Daniel S. Crane

Band: Hypocrisy
Location: Ludvika
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic death metal
Full Length: Worship
Format: CD, digital
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: November 26, 2021
Hypocrisy has FINALLY returned to grace us all with cosmic meaning beyond the stars. It may have been a long time…but was worth the wait. Time for some alien stuff!
The style is as present here heavily as the sound of ripping titanium steel along layers of the space shuttle that they have arrived in after entering our atmosphere for their landing into the desert of Egypt by the pyramids of Giza. That is where they show us with a spear that radiates green pulsating light of fire that destroys anything from its radiating spear wielded tip that THEY were given by ones beyond that honored them as the rulers of the ancient alien METAL race.
While in their past material when they were also exposing modern alien encounters in many ways to us which we all have experienced and dwelled in. Well most of us.
This version of Hypocrisy is a band that makes it simplistic to place them in their own genre now…as I coin as ANCIENT ALIEN BLACKENED DEATH METAL that makes them recognizable for their audience now because all their albums transcend to dates, times, places, moments where we as a human species come to learn that we truly are uh…as scary as that may be…get used to it.
Where we all are now?
That’s all that matters.
Peter does not care WHERE we are all from…he is just here to guide us to go beyond this damn galaxy that holds us all back. We need Andromeda more than anything right now for our civilization.
They are THE current death metal band with this flag that is the BEST presentation of them and sometimes they offer the listener light melodic telekinetic touches that touch each brain cell in a metal fans minds if they have one left after hearing Worship for the very 1st time.
I lived to tell the tale seeing them live with Roswell 47 in my face then high above a balcony at the Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie around the early 2000s with songs from The Arrival so I can safely say that Hypocrisy is a band that also had to, reintroduce themselves…to me & to us in a way where they feel most on point in their darkest form of alluring art they recently created.
It will have you wanting more and more after every listen.
Lots of replay value to be found here.
Beyond the album here & there in the past…there WAS moments in time in which Hypocrisy does disappear for a long time when it comes to offering a new album but in the case of Peter being he is the brains of this sadistic maximum abduction of an operation that is a level you can only find in movies such as Stargate & Fire In The Sky, it is known NOW that he is the man with many versatile, fulfilling and satisfying outputs amongst multiple projects.
To tours and his own recording studio which essentially in times can delay what he has going on when he knows the true main focus or main goal he always has at hand…his band.
Hypocrisy, with their album here…Worship…however it seems that these eons of stasis people always critique Peter about since they are all blind to the main objective here…they really have helped old & new fans seek or sought out more for themselves to desire for more and a lot to look forward to in their new material with Worship and after all is said for it with all the well constructed themes it offers in lyrical form and musical form.
In a time now where we all can identify in which we can only hear it as Peter speaks it in many volumes as only we are able to as we are all now the children of the gray.
So we perceive what we have heard in Hypocrisy in their latest opus to not only expect what will happen for the most part… but since their album Virus which is reminiscent of its killer sound here and the belief that there is a REAL very REAL species of alien out there.
Possibly one with the same hive set and order of acid spitting raptor like instincts as Ridley Scott brought to life with the help of Deutschland comrade HR. Giger in the Alien movie franchise.
Predator movie franchise?
Parts of it…in this album…tribal but not as ancient as Predator. Ancient like Alien but not as old or barbaric as Predator since they are the true hunters and stronger of the latter.
An album after Worship can touch on aspects like that. With those aspects or aesthetic.
Regarding the production values here throughout this overwhelming masterpiece that touches each alien base all over this world that is carefully hidden…it is a sound they created to perfection more so since they already consolidated since the powerhouse that is Virus.
It was unleashed years ago with a very wide range of sounds within what Worship gives us now in these tracks of terror that are recorded to present more driven drums that are something to be cherished since drums by these guys these days are still very underrated by them.
Every time, I hear this…
Furthermore when I know listeners know them more for their work on guitars that they dominate in riffs hitting walls of green bloodied xenoplasm mess…dripping an aggressive but ever so in the background strong bass lines that pushes itself out from the mix to grab you into your face. Only when it’s needed for a few valuable moments.
Since the ethereal ritualistic sounds blend in the madness does just that. The well known Hypocrisy guitars that hypnotically & sonically capture us at all times perfectly when properly mastered. While they give us the choice, the listeners…to get exactly what we want from this band.
Also and in the process of recording it all through many different techniques through various rehearsals / outtakes to make it all come together to be balanced out for us all to dive into fluidly. And happen.
Right in between brutality and melody reaching an all time peak in decibel greatness that is always in its perfect subtle ness to be able to lay down, close your eyes, relax & enjoy the execution of all the instruments which capture all the sounds bouncing off each other.
That reach to alternate dimensions in your mind when played in the right medium (iPhone 6s + plus / Sony classic headphones MDR-ZK100) in the scheme of things that hit edges in the universal astral dark matter…from where the sound eminently comes from.
Now, we never lose track because they make it all possible.
Without ever losing any detail to how they make it all into a grand time for us in zero gravity after the airlock is sealed.
Do you want me to hit the button to let the outer space vacuum sequence commence? No?
Now launch the proton lasers at the nearest dead planet that spins barren so we can watch it EXPLODE.
Don’t worry, Peter made sure we have a shield around the USS Cygnus that not even a powerful black hole can eviscerate.
With gravity gripping light speed pressures he designed something to withstand even the solar flares and supernovas around us.
The blueprints of the ones he gained them from will be in play here. He knows of the flash so he knows it’s going to be time where there will be a time to…
Worship. Peter has the plan!
An uncompromising & punishing compressed waveform of sound hitting into the core of our dying planet… that has now fixed itself partly with the plague humanity created, and in terms of its lyrical content they dive into deeply.
With an inclination towards solid facts and inhuman themes. Where in time it became a more wiser & mature Hypocrisy while directing us to with the minds of this music involved here to embrace it towards a well known leap they promise but also a particular triumphant in a victory sound just for us.
Finally leaving all behind the ones that lose traction with their music to leave them to be used as the mere experiments from the ancient otherworldly ones that fallen before as it was mentioned after hearing it after a few listens the transition from the very sought after album that is, The Arrival.
In terms of Hypocrisy with their bludgeoning composition here with more to offer soon.
Taking us to their levels, many levels in the songs that take up passages that can be heard from the cocoons of the very real albums that touch on many hints from the Abducted to End of Disclosure, while mixing various instruments that are required of them in discovery of this well bred sound in alluring musical elements from all their albums combined.
Willing to offer what we all enjoy by them in a theme of extra terrestrial encounters.
I do gather this all, personally…although it is something innovative on their part, whereas it may be something that will keep others less attentive at all times.
Where us deeper fans of Hypocrisy during this crisis will do what we can to get a physical or digital play of this album by any means especially due to the changes of rhythm section parts in it here to which we are accustomed to know best from our saviors, Hypocrisy.
The main features that stand out most of Hypocrisy, rightfully as always, in this stellar album are the fast tremolos throughout, with intense well paced and menacing changes from slow to fast alien structures rising and falling, with noticeable gilled neck guttering sounds that breathe short solos to release watery moments of tension in the songs on say a watery and icy Europa.
With that Peter shows us creatures that remain present of bends on the guitars that wail their mating calls, harmonies in fourths they speak while they penetrate themselves to their pleasures, to give birth to the harmonics accompanied by a great knee bending backwards to the other sides of their legs to swim at faster speeds with a discreet bass filled bellow…and a forceful fucking pounding on drums that is their unified sound from submarine levels with slight moments of blast fucking beats that hit all the rocks and debris around Saturn’s rings knocking them off course into planets around it.
Here in which a medium tempo screams for a whirlpool spin inside a collapsing star that predominates on the snare its deafening unshakable end and fast lightning speeds on the pedals that generate a rain of red diamonds.
To introduce its breathable atmosphere of the unnamed planet the hypnotic rhythms it generates that characterizes its making in only their compositions and terraforming features that are precise moments to include into the toms.
About the voice here that screams for us, the ones that we have yet to reach…unless through himself…we can hear that the years that pass through Peter are better to his voice now since he has recorded in this tongue that speaks not solely for us because his voice is slightly more brutal here but also ahead of the game in recording than in previous albums.
So there is no complaints by anyone to be had about it. He continues to always handle a deep and high voice impeccably that wakes whatever is buried under the ice in our southern pole on this world leaning a little more towards the low language of the deep venomous serpents.
Hitting the highs to release the moments of when dragons with ancient form that shake the skies that they open their wings with superb musical tension while carrying the serpents to the war ensemble.
Clearly here…only with a slight decrease in light speed, however it is not always something that is where it can be reproached to this production already, since the mars like atmosphere here it handles is perceived more hypnotic in its substance from its carbon emissions and gloomy like rainy days on Venus than in other previous works.
With this in quite noticeable times in songs here like that which hit us in acid burning form of watery waves like ocean on songs We're the Walking Dead, Chemical Whore, Brotherhood of the Serpent (a personal favorite) and Children of the Gray. Feeling not one loss of fit musicianship.
On this album here I come to find that the song that could stand out for a single as the most innovative they have created from their timeless catalogue in recent years here is in Gods of the Underground!
In which a slightly ballsier approach & different throaty approach is heard that calls upon nests of serpents at the beginning, and a tempo that burns the fires that are worthy of an excellent temple of wisdom found in this ground breaking Hypocrisy song.
Other than excluding this song for some people, there's nothing new out now from anyone else as such but that doesn't mean it's bad to our human ears as it's not a band that needs to redo things for us humans to confirm the legacy they've built already that is forever. It is something a fan will grow a huge connection with to, in the way they mix elements here from previous installments throughout this whole time they put out albums in the process with fresh ideas here is pretty fluid like blood and veins that pump everything in unity.
From my time listening it does not sound exactly like a derelict ship that is in stagnation because from the beginning here with Worship we hear ultimately a classic opening of true value always in Hypocrisy as always.
By that I mean a slow continuous force driven change in mankind and mysterious door opening introduction as it has done moments slightly in End of Disclosure, after the entire mystery a brutal roar of its entrance into this existence is unleashed in a very ancient alien style of the Virus, but with bone crushing elements of The Arrival in many certain parts of the song that are reminiscent of others is felt in those soul destroying tremolos so marked that it rips everything wide open with those characteristic riffs of Catch 22 that are remembered in songs here.
A very forward & faster drumming standing out for light years hitting places we can only dream of just as the song We're the Walking Dead has pulverizing tendencies of Abducted with a tempo slightly similar to When the Candle Fades in a new flavor and finally Bug in the Red takes us back to the iconic moments we all remember after hearing the twilight that glows within The Final Chapter, to songs just like The Final Chapter.
That destroyed a constellation of stars that are burning out to inwardly suck us in to bring us all to this light or to explode to burn us to ashes of nothing so we notice here that by now it is eminent that Hypocrisy has worked to be what they seek the most in their careers as solid musicians by being here.
Especially Peter now being his own musical influence and the essence of many damn years of hard work out in as it still is present in this very focused and eye opening album.
The album always maintains a good balance for fans here between fast songs in the display of parts that they gathered of humans that are kept by the ones that did not survive their tests and those that are atmospherically hypnotic tranced into a state to keep you in its hypnosis to understand the meaning of this album to its full extent.
To keep you always aware of what is inevitably going to come to the human race without adding more to explain further by Hypocrisy that it is now a band that will never disappoint you by teaching you that this is what we have to do now since it is in the works and has been in its works for a very long time…
Ones able to hear it will reap the rewards since it does not lose its purest mind expanding essence and always it will make you want to find the time to move your head with extreme pleasure that is only found here because it was created within the realm of Peter's creative imagination that tells…us the TRUTH about all of us and all of this…that WE want to hear THEM more. –Daniel S. Crane

Peter TÃĪgtgren: Guitars, vocals, bass, songwriting, lyrics
Mikael Hedlund: Songwriting (tracks 2, 7), bass
Horgh: Drums, Songwriting (tracks 2, 11)

Track list:
1. Worship
2. Chemical Whore
3. Greedy Bastards
4. Dead World
5. We're the Walking Dead
6. Brotherhood of the Serpent
7. Children of the Gray
8. Another Day
9. They Will Arrive
10. Bug in the Net
11. Gods of the Underground

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