Friday, December 10, 2021

Single Review: The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker "Where Wolves and Wiccans Roam" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, stoner rock
Single: Where Wolves and Wiccans Roam
Format: Digital track
Label: Independent
Release date: October 31, 2021
Who’s ready for some ‘Midnight Marauders’ (since it’s 1am here in Australia and I’m about to hijack your ears!) {Also a play on A Tribe Called Quest)?
But anyway! Let’s go with another singles review!
The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker -Where Wolves And Wiccans Roam
So this is a single that was released in October of this year and I have to say for a song that’s just under 4:50 I had so much fun with it!
Firstly, the vocals were top notch! Amazing! Had that real old school 80’s metal vibe the likes of
-Van Halen
-Iron Maiden etc, such powerful and strong vocals you can feel the passion and energy in each word and sentence sang! It’s absolutely incredible!
Secondly the whole sonic aesthetic was really neat too! Gives you this Progressive Metal feel with a sprinkle of ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ incorporated in to give it that extra pump on the track!
I love everything about this track, it’s mysterious, kick ass, elegant and unique all in one! You’ve got those mastery old school vocals mixed with that classic Prog Metal production and it all fits in so perfectly that you really can’t ask for anything more!
Go check it out today! Corban Skipwith

Josh Pretko: Guitar, backing vocals
Jason Douglas: Guitar, backing vocals
Sean Cameron: Bass
John Pospischil: Drums, vocals

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