Friday, October 21, 2022

Film review: Hellraiser (2022) by Gene Olivarri

With Odessa A’zion, Jamie Clayton, Adam Faison
Directed by David Bruckner
Written by Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski, David S. Goyer
Based on “The Hellbound Heart” by Clive Barker
Distributed by Hulu
20th Century Studios, 247Hub, Phantom Four Films, Spyglass Media Group
Released September-October 2022
As we all know, Doug Bradley's Pinhead has always been the staple of this franchise for decades. This new adaptation of Pinhead is played by trans actress Jaime Clayton, which is great since this way it will bring us closer to Clive Barker's book. Well visually yes but the new Pinhead was PERFECT in the visual sense. Her character lacked fear and mercy. The Cenobites looked and were very amazing; I loved the new puzzle box but it LACKED GORE!!!!!!!!!!! The reason I say this is because there was nothing innovative with the kills in this movie like the ones of the past. C'mon Hulu we’re in 2022 soon to be in 2023; give us some good kills and give us something to talk about here. The main actress Riley played by Odessa A'zion was so-so. She and her boyfriend find the puzzle box in a safe and later in the movie her boyfriend is in cahoots with Mr. Voight. Mr. Voight does Pinhead’s bidding and gets tricked which this character Mr. Voight becomes the most interesting and best part out of the entire film at the end.
This was just a small step above the last Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Which isn’t saying much. I loved the first three Hellraiser movies; I personally can do without the rest. This Pinhead though is not good. Pinhead is not scary and I'm hoping for better movies to come. All and all I give this 3 blood drops outta 10. –Gene Olivarri

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