Saturday, October 15, 2022

Poem: "The Long Good-Bye" by M Teresa Clayton

The Long Good-Bye
M Teresa Clayton

Where does the time go?
The moments, not so long ago
When I could feel your gentle sigh
Whilst seconds flash and quickly die

Soon lost in moment’s afterglow
Are taken with your gentle sigh

Where does the time go?
We barely said our first hello
When I could have asked the question, why?
Whilst youth was still the sweetest lie

A truth I chose to never know
Buried ‘neath that question, why?

Where does the time go?
The hours seem to ebb and flow
Life is good whilst tide is high
Before we thirst; left parched and dry

Caught in memory’s undertow
Pulled under when the tide is high

Where does the time go?
Blown adrift, the winds of woe
Darkened corners as day turns nigh
I’ve lost my love, gone by and by

Years rush on as the days move slow
And the rhythm of my breath draws nigh

Where does the time go?
Wishing never made it so
Never had the chance to say good-bye
Nor pause to hear your cool reply

Tis’ true we reap the crop we sow
Laid barren now, the whispered long good-bye.

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